Are You Going Through Your Awakening?

Have you ever heard of a spiritual awakening, or you have heard other people talking about their own personal one? The idea of the awakening is something that has been around for years and years. Some think it is a time where you find out who you are, and others believe it is some kind of enlightenement.

A person that goes through this will take time to look deeper at their life and will find their life purpose. They will realize that once they go through it that the ego won’t be in control.

Here are some things that happen in your spiritual awakening:

Feeling Detached

One of the biggest signs is that you feel detached. People that you used to be close to you aren’t close to anymore. You feel that things aren’t the same and you might even want to change jobs or quit school. New things become important.

Strong Dreams

Some people have strong dreams that seem very real. This can be because you are learning new knowledge about your life.

Déjà vu

Some will experience déjà vu and will see repeating numbers like 111, 222 or 555. This can mean that you are going through a change. Once this starts happening you can see that things will change and that you can connect with the spirit.

Spiritually Connected

You will start to feel more spiritual, and you will be mindful of what your new priorities are.

Nature Connection

You will want to be out in nature. You will want to go walk in the grass or go on a hike. This will make you feel strong and to have less stress. You will be attracted to animals, plants, and other things outside. This will bring you happiness.

Strong Senses

During your awakening process, you will have stronger senses. You will smell things stronger, feel stronger things, you will see things that are around you, maybe even visions. You will have stronger emotions and you will learn to react the right way.

Being Compassionate

You will love others and you will have compassion in your heart. You will see people suffering and you will feel sorry for them and want to help them.

Different Habits

You will get rid of bad habits, and you will start to do things that are good for your life. You will get rid of your normal routine, and you will do things that will help you to be healthier such as working out and reading more.

Knowing Liars

When someone talks to you, you will know if they are honest or if they are lying to you. You will be able to have a strong gut feeling and you will start listening to your intuition more.

Life Path

This will be a time that you know that everyone has their own life path. You will want to follow your own path and you will tell people about what you are going through. You will be happy with your journey.

Final Thoughts

A spiritual awakening is a journey that will change your life. You will need to work through different things and different changes. You will need to understand that your life journey will lead to a balanced life and much growth.

Sarah Carson

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