Learning to Read Runes

Reading runes can give you answers about your past, present and future. This is a form of divination that uses stones and symbols to give you answers. Rune stones can help you to get advice on what you need to do to address a problem in your life.

You can start by finding the runes and setting yourself in a place that is comfortable and without distraction so that you can find out what the stones are telling you.

Prepare for the Rune Reading

You can start by finding a set of runes. You can find these at an occult shop, or you can find some online. Some people will even make their own out of wood or stone. You should find a set that you feel connected with. Here are some things about buying runes:

  • Some will be more expensive depending on what they are made from.
  • Some runes are made of crystals, and you can choose the crystal set that you are attracted to.
  • Most runes will come with a book to help you interpret them.
  • You can choose a set that has 24-27 stones.

Making Your Own Runes

Some people will choose to purchase materials and make their own runes. When you do this, you can choose crystals, rocks, or other material. You can put the symbol or the letter on the rune with a marker or paint them your own so that you can complete your set.

Doing this project can help you to feel that you are more connected with your runes. Here are some tips:

  • Find material that is smooth.
  • Don’t cut yourself when making the runes.

1. Finding a Space

Find a space that faces north and one that is sunny. It is important that your space is private so that you can create a space that won’t have distractions. You need to have an open space where you can cast your runes and make sure that there is light. If you can face north, this is the bet because it is where the Norse god comes from and can give you power. Here are some other ideas:

  • Do the rune reading at night during the witching hour.
  • Pick a time that makes you feel calm and comfortable and do the reading there.
  • Be positive when doing your reading.

2. Put Out a Cloth

Make sure that you have a clean cloth that you can put the runes on. This should be able to hold many of the runes at one time. The cloth can keep the area safe and the runes from getting dirty.

If you are going to do rune reading often, you can purchase a rune reading cloth from online or an occult store and use this when doing your readings.

3. Doing the Rune Casting

Think of a question or an issue that is going on in your life. Focus on that and think about the question that you need answered. Meditate for a few minutes and then send your energy to the runes.

Try to ask questions that are open-ended and ones that can help you to get the answers that you need. Only focus on one question at a time when you are doing your reading.

4. Pull Out the Runes

Next, you should shake the runes in the bag and then focus on your question. Pull out the stones one at a time and put them on the cloth in front of you. Keep the stones facing down so that you don’t see what they have on them until you do the reading.

You can start with 3 runes at a time so that you can do a simple reading. Put one rune out and flip it over. Put the first one on the right, the second in the middle and the third one on the left side.

Pick up the rune stones and listen to what your intuition is telling you. Give yourself a reading and know what the stones mean for your reading.

You can also do a cross shape spread with the runes using five runes. Put one in the middle, the second to the left center, the third to the top middle, the fourth under the middle and the fifth on the right of the middle rune.

Some choose to put out 9 different stones for a rune reading and this can help them to understand what their life holds for them. Take a few minutes for each rune when you pull it out. Notice if any fall face up or face down.

4. Interpreting the Runes

This is the most important part of rune reading. You need to look at the first rune on the right and know that this is what represents the situation or the question that you have. The one in the middle is the challenge that you are facing and the third one represents the action that you need to take. Here are some reading tips:

  • Look up what the rune symbols mean.
  • Figure out what the interpretation means for your situation.
  • Know the order that the runes fell in.
  • The first rune will represent the past, the second the present and the third the future.
  • Know that there are different solutions to your problems.
  • If you have an issue, you need to use the symbols in a horizontal way so that you know which ones go with of the interpretations.
  • Use the scatter method to tell about your present situation.
  • Meditate on the rune to figure out what it means and what issues you are dealing with.
  • If a rune is facing down, determine this to be something that is going to happen in your future. Read the rune and predict your future.

5. Outside Influences

When you do a rune reading, if one lands on the edges, it can mean that there are people in your life that are influencing you and that are determining your thoughts or your actions.

This can be a positive influence or something that is negative. You need to notice if you are feeling good or bad about a rune when you pull it, and this can tell you what kind of influence that person has on you.

Final Thoughts

Reading runes takes practice. If you have a hard time at first, be patient and keep practicing until you get it down.

Sarah Carson

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