Working with Your Spirit Guides

Do you have friends of different kinds, some that you can cry and laugh with and others that are there no matter what you are going through? People in your life are there to support you and to help you through a sickness or a death.

Your friends are important to you and even though they are important, you have other friends that you cannot see that are just as important. These are your spirit guides and they come to you as friends but from a different side. They are friends that are spirits, and they are there to help you, support you and help you to make good decisions.

Who are these spirit guides that come to you as friends? Most everyone has at least fiver or six guides and some have come to be with you throughout your physical existence. Each one has a different gift.

Your Spirit Guide Friends

Here are some of your guides and what they do:

  • Joy guides: These are guides that make you laugh and give you peace and happiness. They want you to smile and be happy. They sometimes are children and young people.
  • Protector guides: These are the guides that are there to help you make it through dangerous situations. They guide you in your energy and they try to keep you away from unsafe places. They will chase away anything negative that comes in your path.
  • Doctor guides: These kinds of guides are like teachers. They guide you in your spiritual and physical path. They want to help you reach your life lesson and to better yourself. They take on your life as a lifetime guide.
  • Chemist guides: These guides are there to help you to be healthy and strong. They influence you in what you eat and in working out. They want you to have a strong physical being and they help you with this.
  • Master guides. These are master teachers, and they guide you and help you in all things that you need in your life.

Having a Relationship with Your Guides

Guides are part of everything in your life. They are there and they come through the Law of Attraction. They are spirits that are attracted to their like spirit. Your guides will have the same kinds of personalities that you do sometimes, and they are connected through your past, present or your future.

Some of your guides are doctor guides that have been around before time, and they are there to help you to make it through your spiritual journey. They are connected to you based on what you are interested in.

When you have a loved one that passes away, sometimes they can become your spirit guide but not normally. Your guides are normally part of you before you were even born, and they are waiting for you to come to earth. The master guides are guides that work only with you and have been trained to understand you, but other guides work with you and others.

These guides are there to give you messages and to help you to do the best that you can do.

Understanding Your Spirit Guides

Some people wonder if your guides are angels and even though you have angels too, they are not the same. The guides are there to protect you and to be with you at all times. They are there to work with you and they also have lived a life as a human in the past. Angels have never been humans. Guides understand you because they were once humans and so they can help you.

Some people wonder if the chemist and teacher guides have names. This is their name because they earned it by the way that they lived life. They were guiding others and they were trained to help you in a certain way. Your chemist guide is there to help you to live your best life, but it doesn’t take place of visiting a doctor.

Communicating with Guides

You can work with your spirit guides as long as you are open to them. They want to get to know you and you can connect with them by asking them to come and meditating. You might get nervous, but this is something not scary and exciting.

Practice meditating each day and you will soon connect with your guides. Once you are open to them, you will see that they are there to guide you and to protect you. Ask them to come and to help you and you will see signs that they are there. You can ask them anything because they want to help you.

Your spirit guides love you and they are there to give you divine love. They want to help you through any problem or challenge that you have, and they will do what they can to help you to grow. You can benefit from this kind of relationship, and they are worth your time.

You will have love in the world and the friendship that you have with your spirit guide is better than any friend you can have on earth. They will make your life better and will never leave you.


Sit down and meditate each day and ask your guides to come to you. Try to close your eyes and breathe and pay attention to what your body is feeling. Ask divine love and protection to come to you. Ask your guides to show up to you.

Pay attention to a color or a picture that comes to your mind. Do you feel a chill running through your body? This can be a sign that your guide is there. Open your eyes and imagine how your guide came to you. Journal all of the experiences that you had while doing this.

Keep working to communicate with your guide and you will get to know them more each and every day. Meditate and ask your guides to come to you as often as you can, and you will meet them one at a time.

Sarah Carson

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