Signs You are Listening to Fear Not Intuition

You may feel like you are in tune with your gut and you have always allowed it to help lead you into making the right decisions, big and small. However, sometimes we confuse a gut feeling with fear and the things shared below will help you understand if you are listening to fear over intuition.

  • Worrying Over Things in the Past – Intuition is based on the here and now. You are listening to intuition when it is based on what is happening in the moment, not something from the past. Only your wisest self knows the present is all that matters because it is what helps you create an amazing future.
  • Scared – Your intuition is a calm and clear internal voice. This voice will not be full of panic and fear, so if you are feeling stressed out after tuning into a gut feeling, you are trusting fear over intuition.
  • Feeling Crazy – It is pretty clear when you are feeling paranoid hunches, like you are not good enough for a new job or relationship. Feeling this way is not your intuition or inner wisdom, but your darkest fears coming to light. These can make you feel crazy, but are not typically accurate.
  • Not Taking Time to Listen – Strip away all your fears and take real time to listen to your innermost feelings and thoughts. If you do not do this, you will be unable to access intuition. If you never get to know yourself, how can you know what is best for you or in a situation? Take time to listen.
  • Analyzing the Feeling – A true gut feeling based on intuition will not need to be picked and prodded. If you are constantly analyzing the feeling, then you are likely dissecting your fears instead of intuition. Intuition is knowing that cannot be explained by thoughts or facts. If you feel like you are picking things apart about the feeling, it is likely fear.
  • Feel Like Running Away – Intuition is calm without emotional attachment as it tells you what you need to know. Even if you are getting an answer you do not want, it will not cause you to feel like you should run away from what you are hearing. By contrast, fear will make you feel like running.
  • Feel Sick – There is a known, strong link between your physical and emotional well-being. If you are trying to stay tuned into your intuition, but are having physical symptoms like headaches, stomach issues, or insomnia, then you may be listening to fear over intuition.
  • Do Not Realize Your Fears – If you daily succumb to fear followed by negative thoughts, without realizing you have them, it can make it easy to get comfortable following your fear over intuition. Pay attention to what you are feeling and thinking each day so you can sort through what is true and what is fear based.
  • Hiding From Fears – Intuition is truth without need for defense, so it is not open to negotiation or questions. Fears can be unpacked and analyzed. You may tell yourself you will not listen and even teach yourself not to pay attention to them, but this is not possible with intuition.
  • “Gut” Feels Negative – You cannot escape your intuitive voice because it is honest and focused on helping you through the good and bad. Fears will focus only on the negative and scary, screaming at you.
  • Only Fear – Sometimes fear overtakes intuition and you can only hear and feel fear. To help quiet the fears so your intuition can come through, go to a quiet place and be alone with your thoughts. If you still only get fear, dig deeper.

Intuition is wonderful and helps us find the best path in life, do not let fear take over and cause confusion.

Sarah Carson

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