Going Through the Twin Flame Stages

A twin flame connection is not normally an easy connection, but it is one of the most exciting things that you can go through. This will be a relationship where you love and support each other but there are stages that you have to go through.

Twin flame journeys can be hurtful and stressful and being with your twin flame will cause you to have different feelings and emotions. Here are the stages of the twin flame relationship:

Stage 1

In the first stage, you are wanting to meet your flame. This is a feeling that you know they are there for you somewhere, but you aren’t sure where or when they will come.

You might have looked forever for this person, and you might even know who they are. They might be connected with someone else, and you worry about this, but you have a strong connection with them.

Maybe you feel connected, and you know they are the one, but you are frustrated because you don’t seem to be able to be with them. You need to take time to prepare for your twin flame. Even if you aren’t sure who they are, they will come to you soon.

The twin flame is the other half of your soul and as you prepare yourself, you are making room for them to come. As you are better yourself, you will have a better chance of meeting your twin flame. Work on being positive and making yourself better and stronger. Doing this will help your twin flame to be connected to you stronger.

Get rid of past pain and trauma that is holding you back. Make sure that you don’t have anything that is left from your past that is hurting you. Prepare yourself to be spiritually strong and prepare your mind to find your twin. Love yourself and know that your twin will love you even more.

Make sure that you are the person that your twin flame will want to be with. This will be the other part of your soul.

Stage 2

In this stage, you might get to see who your twin flame is. You will be able to see them in your dreams or even in real person. Imagine them and feel their presence by you.

This is a stage that will be exciting, but some get stuck because they don’t know the next steps to take. You might meet your twin in this stage, but you might not. You have to learn to trust your intuition to guide you at this time.

There is nothing that you should stress about, and you have to focus on who you are and your growth. As you do this, you aren’t forcing things and you are living your best life. As you learn to love and accept who you are, your connection with your twin will grow.  This positive energy will pull them to you.

The universe will tell you that it is time for your twin flame to go and it will help you to prepare to see them.

Stage 3

This is the stage that you will fall in deep love with your twin flame. You will have a love that you never imagined. It will be a connection that you have never felt.

This love will be consuming and strong and it will be so deep that you will feel it in everything. This will be the mirror of your soul and it will be something you have never experienced before.

You will learn to accept the connection and you will know that it is real. This will be the stage where you connect with your twin. Don’t resist any kind of changes and be open to any experiences that you are having.

Surrender yourself totally and you will find love that you need from them.

Stage 4

When you meet your twin flame, and you are surrendered you will start a relationship with your twin flame. You need to tell them what you are feeling, and you will enter into the relationship.

This can be a relationship that is close or one that is long-term or long-distance. You will have to work through things if you have to live far apart. You will experience things with them from your past and you will have a strong intimacy with them.

Everything you have will be shared with your twin and you will trust each other with your whole life. You will go through a honeymoon period, and you will have a divine connection. This can be something that lasts for months and months because your connection is so strong.

You will love this period of your relationship because it is special and personal. The connection will be deep, and you will see that you can love and accept your twin for who they are. Your intimacy will be something that has never been felt and you will see that you are ready for anything.

Know that this is something that will end soon and will be temporary and the relationship will change. It might be hard but know that your relationship will continue to grow. If there are any problems, talk about them.

Communicating with your twin at this point is important because it can help you to make it through hard times. Even if hard times come, know that you will have a better future.

Stage 5

Stage 5 is often challenging because the honeymoon period is wearing off and the ego steps up. This is a time where you might see problems and challenges. You can choose to fight through these things together by communicating and trusting each other or the times will be hard.

As you are growing and learning, you will see that your ego can cause your relationship to fail. You need to build your spiritual self so that doesn’t happen. The ego is always trying to protect you from something that could hurt you, but you cannot let it take control.

You need to have this twin flame union and you want to have a strong spiritual self. Growing in your spirit man is important and your ego and spiritual self will bring the relationship together. It is a time for you to be mature and for you to accept each other for who you are.

If you can work through the issues then you might not have to go through the next stage but if you cannot, this can happen:

  • You break up with each other.
  • One ends up being a runner and one a chaser.
  • You commit to each other, and you decide to work through the issues.

Deciding to work through the issues is the most important thing that you can do because you can work together to get through the problems. When you want to get through this stage make sure that you keep your spiritual self in mind and that you are ready to grow together.

This is a time where you will learn about your twin and where you will see that you ground and balance each other. You will have to sacrifice yourself and have love and forgiveness even if things get hard. Here are some tips to get you through this stage:

  • Know that you are different, and no one is perfect.
  • Be open to communicating about your problems.
  • Be ready for change.
  • Work on yourself so that you can grow.
  • Understand that things take time and be patient.
  • Figure out the issues that are causing problems.
  • Forgive yourself over and over again.
  • Look at the different issues and see them from both sides.
  • When you argue, think about the emotions you are having and try to be calm.
  • Don’t let your emotions cause you to be angry or hold grudges.
  • Know that things happen, and this is just a minor setback.
  • Stay calm when you have to deal with problems.
  • Grow and work on yourself.
  • Work through your differences.
  • Know that this is part of the twin flame journey, and you need to learn and work through it.
  • Focus on yourself and growing.
  • Know the ego and don’t let it control you.
  • Have spiritual and personal growth.
  • Be selfless.
  • Don’t block your own growth or your partners growth by listening to your ego.
  • Let your relationship grow.

Stage 6

This is the running and chasing stage. This is a stage that can be skipped if you resolve the issues prior to this stage. If you have to go through this stage, it can be a time that you withdraw and wonder if the relationship was even real.

In this stage you chase and run. The runner will shut down and will try to get away. They will silence you and will ignore you. They will feel helpless and leave you feeling sad and damaged.

You have to figure out this stage so that you don’t get hurt permanently. If you don’t figure out the stage, then you will see that you will have to end the relationship totally.

This is a stage that is destructive, and it can hurt your psyche. The chaser will be someone that is mature and that is spiritual intact with who they are. They will be able to express their emotions, but the runner will not be listening and will be disconnected.

They will not be trying to have inner peace or growth and they will not want to face any of the challenges that the relationship brings. They are no longer in tune with their spiritual self, and they are in a place where their mind isn’t thinking clearly.

It is a time where you have to realize that this is not a real stage and that you will make it through it if you don’t mess up. Don’t try coping mechanisms but try to communicate and tell them how you are feeling. This is the way that the connection can get strong again.

As the runner, you have to meditate, and you need to become more spiritual again. You need to ground yourself and stop letting emotions control you. The chaser has to realize that they have to wait for their partner to come back and to be patient.

Stage 7

The surrender stage will come and there will be truth about the relationship. You will see that you both have to surrender, and you have to heal your wounds. You have to get over the distress and learn to understand each other.

Don’t rush this stage because you have to discover who you are and who your partner is again. You have to look at the hurts that you have and talk about them with your partner so that you can have peace in the relationship. Let the ego go away and learn to recognize that you need peace and acceptance.

There will be old patterns in your relationship and there will be spiritual growth that will begin to fade back in. As you both surrender then you will see that the peace comes back and that you can be stronger than ever.

Release yourself from any negative emotions and learn to let your emotions come out in a healthy way. As you get rid of negativity, you will begin to forgive your partner and both of you will have peace and love. Forgive each other no matter what happened.

Both of you have to be responsible for what happened in the relationship, and this is part of forgiving and releasing each other. Let go of attachments and expectations that you had and learn to rebuild the relationship even if this takes time.

You both have to forgive and surrender for this stage to work and if you do then you will see that the relationship can be perfect.

Stage 8

At this stage you will see that your relationship is on the right track, and you are becoming one with one another. You will have a deep connection and you will feel love without the ego getting in the way. Don’t let emotions and chaos get you off balance and ruin your relationship because the ego will try to still get in the way.

Recognize that the ego is trying to destroy you and become more spiritual. Talk to each other and understand that there is no ego when it comes to a twin flame relationship because this is a place of unconditional love.

The ego is fearful of losing each other but the divine source is there to guide you and to help you. Become enlightened and learn to surrender to the love that you have with each other. There is no ego when there is love.

Create a place where you have a connection and where you are not fearful of what will come. This will make your connection stronger and unique. As you do this, you will see that you are stronger and that your connection is unbreakable. Get rid of any patterns and blocks that are holding you back.

Learn to love yourself and let your partner love themselves. This will help you to get to a deep level and you will see your relationship as more intense than ever. Be open with each other to the point of connectedness.

Stages and Order

A twin flame is ultimately the relationship that brings oneness, and you want to get to this stage. Not all of the stages will happen in order and some of the stages can be skipped depending on the relationship.

No one can say what will happen in your spiritual lives and the relationship can be happy and you might find that you are in a stage for a shorter or longer time than expected. You will go through your own spiritual growth, and this will be up to you and the divine.

As you are aware of your growth, you will have happiness and you will see that there are experiences that you will have that makes your journey different than other peoples.

How Many Stages in a Twin Flame Relationship?

There are 8 stages in a twin flame relationship and as you go through the stages you will learn different life lessons.

How Long Do Stages Last?

Stages will last differently for each relationship, and this will depend on how each of you work towards bettering your lives. Most of the stages will last from a week to months and sometimes even for years.

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