Living Through Life as an Empath

Life is hard and it can be depression when listening to the news and dealing with relationships and finances. As an empath though, a busy life can mean that they are living in an overwhelming situation. Not just because of what is going on around them but because of how they feel inside of themselves.

An empath has different traits and an empath is meant to set boundaries to protect their energies. There are things that an empath should avoid so that their emotions don’t get the best of them.

What is an Empath?

An empath is someone that has strong feelings. Not only do they have deep seated emotions, they also are able to feel the emotions and feelings of others around them. Empaths are able to read a person by how they hold themselves including their body language and their facial expressions. They are able to feel the emotions of others when something is uncomfortable or there is a negative energy in the room. These things can cause the empath to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. If you feel sensitive to the emotions of others, you might be an empath.

Some believe that empaths are born as empaths and some believe that a person that has high empathy will be able to mirror the emotions of others. Science talks about the neurons in the brain which pick up the emotional cues that other people express. Since people are made to interact with each other, understanding emotions that are not your own can happen.

Empathy is something that some people seem to have but it can also be taught. Real empathy means that you know your own feelings and that you understand the feelings of others strongly.

You can figure out if you are an empath by recognizing the difference between having empathy and feeling the feelings of others. Some people have these traits inside of them and it allows them to connect with people around them. Empaths have strong intuition and this means that not only to they look at the cues that others give, they also use the intuition inside of them to read what a person is feeling or thinking. Empaths can use their intuition to feel the energy of other people.

Living as an Empath

Here are some ways that you can live a healthy life as an empath:

Setting Boundaries

One of the first things that you need to do is to set boundaries. Boundaries in all relationships is important but an empath really needs to have boundaries. Empaths need to be careful who they are around and if someone makes them feel bad all of the time, being around them isn’t a good idea.

It is respectful for someone to not interact as much with someone when they cause them to feel overwhelmed or upset. If you are not prepared to handle an emotional conversation with some people, set boundaries and stay away from them.


Empaths are able to know what triggers their emotions. When these triggers come, they most likely will feel tired or overwhelmed. Since they are so sensitive to the emotions of others, even some touch can cause them to lose their energies.

People and situations that cause the empath to feel triggered can cause them to feel overwhelmed and tired. An empath needs to make sure that they are setting boundaries to stay away from these triggers.

Practicing Self-Care

An empath needs to make sure that they are practicing self-care. They need to know what kind of triggers to avoid and do things that make them feel better. Don’t drink too much caffeine and stay away from sad news on television. Take time to rest and to have alone time and turn off the electronics and social media for a while each day.

Keep Your Energies Safe

An empath has to learn how to keep their energies safe. This is important for them to keep their feelings and their mind strong. Empaths have to learn to respond to things around them without getting overwhelmed. Here are some ways that an empath can cope:

  • Be receptive of external energy.
  • Control your feelings and pay attention to how people are expressing themselves.
  • Avoid being over loaded.
  • Imagine a white light or a bubble covering you to keep you safe.
  • Ground yourself including your mind, body, and soul.

As an empath, it is important that you make sure that you check your mind, body and soul and that you are doing what you need to so that you can remain healthy and strong.

Sarah Carson

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