Awakening of the Third Eye

Being interested in the paranormal is normal for some people. If you are wondering about the third eye and what it is, the first thing to know is it is called the Anja and is part of the sixth chakra.

The Third Eye

The third eye is something that has been found in different cultures and times. It is the part of your body that allows you to reach your higher being and to reach into the spiritual world. When looking at New Age, the third eye is when you go through your enlightenment, and you have visions and images that come to your mind.

The third eye is often associated with different kinds of visions, psychic gifts such as the clair gifts and auras. Some people even associate it with out of body experiences. In the Hindu religion, the third eye is found in the middle of the forehead, right above where the eyebrow line is.

Who Has a Third Eye?

Everyone has the third eye but not everyone will use it. When you have a feeling, for example, and you choose to not listen to it, this is part of your third eye. Everyone has had this happen to them a time or two.

Each person is born with the chance to connect to the spiritual world, and everyone has a gut feeling. Some have this gift stronger than others. Even if you have this gift, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to use it the way that you want to right away. Using this gift takes time and practice.

The sixth sense and the third eye are the same thing. This isn’t the sense that you have in the physical but the spiritual senses. When your third eye is open, you will be able to see and sense in the spirit. This can be in your brain or in your spirit. This can even give you energy and let you sense the energies of those around you.

The Third Eye and the Awakening

We don’t always realize that we are going through our awakening. Some people have their third eye open to the spirit world and might not even realize it. When your third eye opens, you will be able to see it, just like the way you see with your eyes but only in the spirit world.

Other people will ignore or be afraid of their third eye opening and so they won’t accept it. They think that it will be something like that happens in the movies or that they will be considered strange.

Opening your third eye can be done when you grow in your spiritual self and when you practice trusting your senses. The spirit world will send you messages and when your thoughts seem out of control, this could be your spiritual self-awakening.

Signs of the Third Eye Awakening

Here are some signs that your third eye might be opening:

Tingling and Pressure

If you have tingling or pressure in your head or around the middle of your eyebrows, this might mean that your senses are opening. When the pineal gland expands, it gives you energy and it can cause you to have different sensations.


Things around you might start to make more sense and you might have coincidences that are happening to you often. Maybe you met someone that you were just thinking about, or you have an event happen in your life that brings you extreme peace. Pay attention to these things.

There are different stages in the third eye opening and as you go through your awakening, you will reach higher places in yourself and in the conscious world. This energy will be strong, and you will see that your vibrations are changing.

You may begin to notice things such as repetitive numbers such as 11:11 or you might feel that there are spirits around you that you haven’t noticed before. This can help you to experience things that you never imagined.

Thought Changes

As the third eye opens, you will see that you are changing both in and out of yourself. You will not think the way that you used to think, and you will be lead by the spirit world instead of your ego.

Energy will change and you might get messages that you never thought you would hear. This can be in the physical or the spiritual. You are connected to your higher self and the more you connect, the more potential you will have. Listen to what your spiritual world is saying to you.

Lucid and Vivid Dreams

Many people will start having vivid dreams or will do lucid dreaming when they go through their awakening. This can take you to a realm that you never have been to before. This is where the spirit world can speak to you and can give you messages.

When your dreams are vivid and you are able to feel all of your senses working, remember that you are in control of what happens. This can be an out of body experience, but you are safe. As the third eye opens, you will have more melatonin in your body, and this can help to regulate your sleep and help you to be able to connect to your dreams.

Health and Wellness

As the awakening begins, you will have more energy. You will start to feel better, and you will realize that your body is balanced. You will reject foods that you used to eat that aren’t good for you and you will do exercises or yoga to be healthier.

You will become more sensitive to toxins, and you will make sure that you are doing things that bring you good vibrations and health. Your body might start eliminating things that you used to love but this is a good thing to keep you healthy.

Try to use some essential oils to raise your vibrations. As you go through your awakening, your vibrations will increase and things like meditating will help you to be strong. Also, you will be able to talk to the angels and spirit guides easier when you meditate.

Life Purpose

Do you feel that you have found your real purpose in life? As you wake up and go through your third eye opening, you will see that your life is not what you thought it was. You will see that you can make a difference and you can make the world a better place.

You will get a new view on life and the people around you and you will start to avoid any kind of negativity. You will see that your life needs to align with your spirit, and you will find your life path.

Psychic Gifts

The third eye will open up other gifts that you have. You will start to see that you have more than one psychic gift and you will start to use it. This could be mediumship, automatic writing, seeing into the future or more.

Final Thoughts

There are different things that people experience when going through their third eye awakening. If you have experienced anything above, chances are that your third eye is opened or opening. You might feel that something is about to happen, and you might even start picking up new emotions. These are all signs that your abilities are getting stronger.

If you are a medium, you will be able to see this and you will start hearing things in the spiritual world. Your third eye will help you to develop this. Remember that your abilities are from the universe, and they are there for you to do good things with them.

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