How to Do Guided Meditation

Energy is something that has been around since the beginning of time, but it is a term that became popular during the New Age movement. Energy is all around you and it is important for healing and for making you strong. You can learn to ground yourself by doing meditation and even yoga.

If you are living life and you find that you are tired and you need motivation, you need to focus your time on recharging your energy.

Understanding Energy

Science has shown us that everything in the world is made up of some kind of energy. Energy is important on keeping our power on and getting us where we need to go but it is equally as important in your body. When you feel that your energy is drained and you find yourself tired, chances are you need to recharge.

Everyone is made up of energy and there will never be a time that you don’t have energy. You can’t get rid of your energy, but it can get worn down. You have to change the way that you think and your emotions in order to make sure that your energy stays strong. Your energy is always changing and moving and the intentions that you have can change how strong your energy is.

Energy attracts the same kind of energy. If you are watching negative things on the news, dealing with people that are sad or depressed all the time or if you are around people that bring your energy down, you might see that this is adding up in your life. You might need to get yourself mentally strong and get rid of any kind of anger or hurt that you have.

Once you learn how to control your energy and how to keep your mind and emotions stronger, you will be able to keep yourself healthy.

Grounding Energy

You can use your energy to ground yourself or to heal yourself. There are teachings that have been around since ancient times, and they work with the four elements:

• Water.
• Air.
• Fire.
• Earth.

These elements are there in everything that exists around you and they are full of energies. The energies that are with these elements are connected both physically and metaphysically. They help make up the energy and as you learn to use them you can work through hard things in your life.

Connecting to the Earth Element

There are things that you have on your life list that never end. When you feel that you are overwhelmed in your life, relationships, health, jobs and more, you need to figure out how to get yourself together.

Some people are great at prioritizing their time and managing the energy that they have. They are able to have peace even when they are working hard and when they are living their life in a busy way because they know what it means to have downtime. They can seem calm and grounded, and they are able to balance things in their life. Why?

There are different things that you can do to be mindful of your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical health. You can meditate, go out in nature, practice yoga and other things that connect you with the earth element. The earth is the foundation of your life, and it brings you stability. As you connect with the earth element, you will see that this is inside of your very being.

Grounding Meditation

When things are tiring and things seem out of control, you need to take time to focus on how to ground yourself. Here is how:

  • Find somewhere comfortable that you can focus on your breathing.
  • Think of a white light coming down to your body.
  • Imagine that energy is moving from your head to the earth.
  • Notice any imbalances that you feel as the energy moves through you.
  • Let the energy of the earth come from the ground and then back through your body and up to your head.
  • Feel how the earth sends you safety and security.
  • When you feel the earth around you, know that you can have this anytime that you want it.
  • Open your eyes and connect with the world around you.

One of the best things that you can do to be strong is to ground yourself. This is easy and fast, and it can make you feel calm and balanced. You can do this as often you need to so that you can be in control of your emotions and your life. Take a few minutes each day to focus on your intention and be in control of your own energies.

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