Knowing Your Relationship is Serious

Most people have been dating someone here and there and then you might be one that wonders if you are in a serious relationship or if it is really just something casual. You might call your friends and get their advice or look online to see what you can find about it.

You might even look at your past dates and the things that went wrong. Sometimes people need to have some insight in what is going on in their relationship. Instead of being able to just know, you compare your choices. You look at the pros and cons of dating this person and you try to figure out what exactly is going on.

Chances are that with this experience, you will find that you end up either single or ghosted but you can look at signs and find out if the relationship is just something casual before you end up hurt.

Casual Fling Versus Serious Relationship

The biggest difference between being serious and not being serious is the commitment that your partner will make to you. When you are casually dating, there is going to be no commitment. You might text here and there but there should really be no real expectations.

Some partners that are casual even decide to date other people or more than one person at a time.

When you are with someone that is serious about you, they will want to commit to you so that no one will be able to step in and take over their relationship. Serious dating means that there are expectations that you will both be able to meet such as spending time together, how you communicate and more.

Even though casual dating can be fun, it can also end up being hurtful. Some people of course want to have a relationship that is just casual because they want to be able to have their freedom. This kind of dating can be hard for both men and women, depending on what you are looking for.

Maybe you feel that you are too young, too independent, or too busy to have a serious relationship. But at the same time, a serious relationship can help you to be able to fulfill what is missing in your life.

How to Know What Kind of Relationship You Are In

If you aren’t sure what kind of relationship that you have, it can make you feel that you are wasting your time and you might not want to put more time into the relationship until you really know. Here are some things you might even be asking yourself:

  • Are they wanting to see other people or are they seeing others right now?
  • Should I think they really want to commit?
  • What do they tell their friends that we are?
  • Does their friends or family know I exist?

Here are some ways that you can know if you are in a casual or a serious relationship:

  • Making Plans

People that are serious about each other will make plans to spend time together. They don’t even need to make real plans; they just know that it will be happening. When someone asks you what your plans are for the weekend, you will tell them that you plan on spending time with your love.

If your relationship is casual though, you might not know if they are even going to talk to you on the weekend and you may never know if they want to see you or not. Unless you have a date already set, you keep your time free, and you have no real plans.

If you don’t have plans set, chances are your relationship is casual but if you have plans that don’t even need to be said so that you can see each other, the relationship is probably serious.

  • They See You As a Couple

When you have friends and family that think that you and your partner are a couple, chances are that you are in a serious relationship. People can often be confused and can see that there are times that you are together and jump to a conclusion, when you are emotionally invested in someone, you will be spending time with someone, and others will notice.

If no one ever asks if you are with that person though, chances are that your relationship is casual and not at all serious.

  • Open Invite

The reason that people might think that you and that person are together is because you always show up to places together. This can be confusing because you are always inviting each other to everything.

If you are always inviting them and they are always inviting you, then chances are that you are going to be or are in a serious relationship.

In a casual relationship, you might see the person one day and then not see them again for a while. You don’t just think of inviting them to come and hang out and they might not ever invite you out.

  • Texting

A person that is serious about you will text you even when they get up just so that you know they are thinking about you. When someone is in a serious relationship with you then chances are that they want to talk to you multiple times each day.

In a causal relationship, the person might not even talk to you for a week at a time. The more that you communicate with someone, the more serious your relationship is going to be.

  • Dating

If you are in a serious relationship, the person will want to date just you. The relationship won’t be open, and you only are dating each other as you get to know one another more intimately.

Here are some things to ask yourself about the relationship:

  • Are we seeing other people?
  • Are you or are they on dating apps?
  • Do you find interest in other people?

If you aren’t serious with each other, then chances are you are just casually dating.

  • The Labels Are There

Calling the person that you are dating boyfriend or girlfriend is putting a label on the relationship. If you are using these kinds of labels, then chances are your relationship is more serious than just a casual thing.

Some labels come differently though and if you aren’t using labels such as boyfriend or partner, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t dating, it can mean that you just aren’t into labeling things.

How do you introduce this person to people that meet you or how do you introduce them to your family or other friends? Do you introduce them as a friend or by their name?  Even though not everyone wants to have a label, the important thing about labels is that they can help to define what kind of relationship that you are in.

Final Thoughts

When you are dating someone and you want to know what the relationship status is, just ask the person that you are with. You should be able to talk to them about things that are important to you, and this can open up an honest conversation.

Casual and serious dating can be exciting, and it can change the way that you live your life. Relationships can help you to know yourself and your partner more and it can help you to face the truth of what is going on in your life.

As you date new people, you will learn more life lessons and you will figure out how to understand yourself and others along the way.

Sarah Carson

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