Signs You’ve Caught His Love

Communicating with someone that you care about is not always easy and this can be even harder for men. Men often will do things to hide what they are feeling and they have a hard time being honest about what is in their heart.

They don’t always want to tell you what they are feeling out of fear that you might not feel the same way as them. But, the way that they behave can tell you a lot.

He Likes What You Like

Men that want to impress the women around them will be attentive to what she is saying. They will share what they like with you and they will tell you things they don’t really like.

He might be someone that will want to do things that you like so that he can impress you and so that he can show you that he likes the same kinds of things. Even though this might seem strange, this is one way that he can mirror your movements to show that he cares.

Mimic Talking

Some men will start to talk like you do if they are around you and they like you. They will repeat your accent and they will do things that seem strange. This happens sometimes because he likes how you sound and the things that you talk about.


When a guy likes you, he might forget information about himself. He might not be able to even comprehend what you are asking him because he is so focused on you that he forgets the rest.

Even though this might seem strange, you will see that he is being affectionate and loving towards you and you will find it cute.

Laughs At Bad Jokes

A guy that likes you will laugh at your jokes, even when they are bad. When no one else is laughing, he will be laughing because he wants you to feel like he gets you.

He will never want you to feel embarrassed and so he will make sure that he is laughing at all of the jokes that you tell and he shows you he doesn’t care to be weird and crazy around you.

Looks You in the Eyes

Looking you in the eyes is one way that you can tell someone likes you. When he makes eye contact a lot and stares in your eyes longer than normal, this can be a sign that he likes you.

This plays especially true when there are lot of people around you, but he keeps his eyes on you and notices that you are around him.

Points His Feet Towards You

Men that point their feet towards you aren’t doing this on purpose, it just shows that he is closing the space between you and him. This can happen subconsciously and when it does, he will want to be close to you and this will prove it.

Sarah Carson

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