Having a Yellow Aura

You can find out what color your aura is and it can tell a lot about your personality and your feelings. This is part of the energies that are around you. The color yellow can mean that you have a strong energy, and it can help you to know yourself even more.

A yellow aura means that you are someone that influences others. This color can mean creativity and being positive and having strong spiritual growth. Those that have yellow auras are people that are able to do their own thing because they are confident in who they are. They don’t change what they are thinking to make others happy and when they feel that they are being threatened, they will feel competitive.

Yellow is a strong color, and it can effect the world around it. There are different colors of yellow that can be seen in the body and in nature.

What Does a Yellow Aura Mean?

The third chakra is represented by the color yellow, and it is about manifesting things. It can also mean that you are confident and creative and that you are happy with who you are. Yellow is a color that can get your attention and when someone has a yellow aura, chances are that they are confident and comfortable in who they are.

Those that are confident and have a yellow aura don’t worry about what other people think about them and they don’t waste their mental or physical energies worrying about being sociable.

A person that is insecure and ungrounded probably will be insecure around someone with a yellow aura. They might feel sad or angry around them because a yellow aura is someone that makes the environment more fun and exciting. Here are some qualities of a yellow aura:

• High energies.
• Warmth.
• Good health.
• Strength.
• Strong metabolism.
• Positive.
• Clear thinking.
• Confident.

Some negative traits of a yellow aura can include:

• Being aggravated.
• Irritated.
• Frustrated.
• Having no patience.
• Being judgmental.
• Being insecure.
• Not feeling good enough.

Is it Good to Have a Yellow Aura?

There are both good and bad things with every aura color and this will depend on how you are using your aura to benefit you. The aura of a yellow color is one that is moving and one that is goal oriented. This is a powerful color and can inspire people.

Some people are not able to move forward though and so they will take things slower. This is okay but it can irritate other people that have this aura color, and it can even cause some people to not move forward at all.

The yellow aura is one that will have different experiences. They will make new friends and they won’t be offended easily. It can be hard for them to have long term relationships because they are always moving.

Having a yellow aura can mean that you are raising the vibrations in a room and even though some won’t want to be around this, others will love it.

Personality of a Yellow Aura

It can be hard to look at a yellow aura for long because it is so bright. Those with this aura will always be noticed and it will be like a protection shield around them. The ones that are brighter will be more attractive and will have a positive outlook.

Yellow auras can be challenging because the energies have to be matched. You will feel the energies moving around them and they will be great friends. They are happy with people and happy on their own and they don’t care if they are criticized. They don’t get offended easily and they are independent.

Some spiritual leaders have a yellow aura because they aren’t afraid of being put down or afraid of being rejected. They stand up for what they believe, and they are often leaders. They sometimes become spiritual leaders as well.

Not all yellow auras are spiritual leaders though and there are some that will go on their own path in life. People with this color aura are usually smart and witty and they have open minds. They are active and calm at the same time and they have strong intuition.

Best Hobbies and Careers for a Yellow Aura

Here are some of the best careers for a yellow aura:

• Mentors.
• Spiritual leaders.
• Freelancers.
• Someone self-employed.
• Part time worker.
• Social media influencer.
• Celebrity.
• Public speaker.
• Teacher.
• Comedian.
• Event planner.

Here are some of the best hobbies for a yellow aura:

• Cook.
• To travel.
• Reading books.
• Party planning.
• Going to events and festivals.
• Classes.
• Working out.

Where is the Yellow in the Aura?

The yellow in the aura can be anywhere on the body. It can be in different places at different times.

Over the Head

When yellow is over the head it can be next to the growth. This is where the highest vibration is, and you will learn lessons with this. This makes you feel more confident and comfortable in who you are.

You will always want to learn and you will do your best to be your best. You will be someone that loves to have self-help.

Around the Body

When the yellow is around the body it can mean that you are very personable. You will be perceived as having a strong vibe and you will be creative, positive and confident. You will feel the energies around you and you will get rid of negative energy that is holding you back.

Having your aura read can allow someone to see where your brightness is and what they pick up that is reflecting off of your aura.

Around the Heart

The yellow around the heart can mean that your solar plexus is balanced. It can also mean you have a strong heart chakra but most of the time it means you are insecure. Yellow is sometimes seen in a negative way as someone that is scared and never finishes a battle. It can also mean that you are sick.

If you have yellow around the heart or the stomach it can mean that you need to have energy come to you that makes you feel confident. It can also be someone that has been abused. Another thing it can mean is that you are not in a secure relationship and that you are not being intimate in a good way. This can also mean that you are threatened and that you are trying to become more courageous.

Around the Hands

A yellow aura around the hands can mean that you are a new parent and that you are caring for a newborn. Some people with this are people that work in jobs where they can grow. This is usually temporary to have yellow around the hands.

Yellow Green Aura

This color aura can mean that you are in harmony and that you are creative and have a strong imagination. The green is an emotional color and it can mean that you are emotional and creative and that works of art move you.

When these colors are together it can mean that you are intuitive and that you are strong in things like astrology. You might also believe in extraterrestrial energies.

Yellow Orange Aura

This aura is one that means you can manifest things to your life. This is a great aura to have and means you can use your imagination to make things happen. It can also mean you are creative.

When you meditate with this aura you can manifest things and be mindful of what you are doing so that you can be in control of your mind and the power around you. The orange is a color that means you need to look at your inner man and get things done.

Light Yellow Aura

This color can mean that you have some white and some yellow. It can mean you are sensitive or that you are very shy. It can also mean that you need to be alone sometimes and that you are introverted.

This is a bright aura and it can be negative and bring about negative people in your life. These people will get their feelings hurt easily and are often afraid to commit to others. This can be a color that means that they have to protect themselves from outside energies.

Being Compatible with a Yellow Aura

Here are the most compatible aura colors with the yellow aura:

  • Purple: People with this color are able to be strong and they are strong in their mind, body, and soul. They are refined and use their intuition to make good decisions. They are strong leaders, and they aren’t good to share this position.
  • Orange: This color will be compatible as friends or as lovers. They are independent and balanced and they will be comfortable around each other. They will be constructive, and they will nurture their emotions. Orange auras will be protective and will manifest energies.
  • Yellow: Yellow works with yellow because they are honest and comfortable with each other. They will work together to be confident and to be who they are.

Best Crystals for the Yellow Aura

You can use different crystals with a yellow aura to help to make you strong. Here are some of the best crystals for a yellow aura:


• Orange Calcite.
• Carnelian.
• Orange Garnet.
• Sunstone.
• Halite.


When you need to focus and keep your mind clear, here are the best stones:

• Aquamarine.
• Cavansite.
• Blue Fluorite.
• Celestite.
• Blue Lace Agate.


When you need to feel balanced and to have your emotions in control, here are the best stones to use:

• Rainbow Obsidian.
• Labradorite.
• Bornite.
• Quartz.
• Watermelon Tourmaline.

Final Thoughts

Looking at your aura color is important to help you to see how you can grow and change for the better. You can look at your colors and change your life while you learn your lessons. You can understand who you are and what you need in your life.

Having a yellow aura means that you have energy around you and you will keep changing and growing. You will be able to use your energies in order to get what you need when you need it.

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