Balancing the Chakras

Your chakras are your energy center and when they are blocked or unbalanced, it can make you feel that you are out of control or that you are stuck. As things change such as the season and the moon cycles, you will see that you can center your energies and you can make sure that your chakras aren’t imbalanced or blocked. By doing this, you can get rid of negativity out of your life. Here is how:

  • Using Incense

One of the best ways to balance your chakras is to clear out negative energy. You can do this by lighting incense. If you feel that you aren’t stable or that you are feeling negative, start by turning the lights down, sitting in a chair or in the Sukhasana pose and burn some incense. You can burn cedar if you want to have a woodsy scent, and this will help you to feel grounded and stable.

  • Crystals

Another way to balance your chakras is using crystals. Crystals have their own healing power, and you can use different ones and different colors for the different chakras. Use crystals like orange calcite or Lapis Lazuli to bring balance to your chakras.

  • Salt Lamp

A salt lamp can bring peace and can help to improve your blood flow. If you need help with sleeping or if you need to have comfort in your home, reduce allergies or get rid of asthma, a salt lamp can help.

Find one that has orange or pink and this can help to balance the lower chakras. A golden lamp can balance the solar plexus.

  • Yoga

Yoga can help you to open areas of your body in a natural way. You can take classes that are focused, and they will show you different poses that you can do such as the Pigeon Pose or the Bound Angle Pose. All of these can help with opening up the chakras.

The Camel Pose, Upward-Facing Dog or the Wheel Pose can work on the heart chakra. As you do this yoga, you can open up energy blockages.

  • Drink Tea

Tea is a great thing to drink that has many health benefits. It can also be a time that you take time to relax, and you take time for yourself. Tea can help to open up the throat chakra which can help you to communicate.

  • Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for the mind, body, and soul. You can use these oils with water, or you can dilute them. Some people will use them on their body or in a diffuser. This can help to balance your emotions and your body as well as your spiritual self.

Use oils like lavender to help you relax and open up your third eye.

  • Positive Mantras

If you have trouble meditating or being quiet, using a mantra can help you to calm your mind and body. You can make up your own words or phrases or you can find ones online that can help to bring peace.

Try to start with the chant, “om” and then move on to different mantras that can balance your energy centers.

  • Go to Nature

Nature is one of the best ways that you can connect with your chakras. Nature can give you a chance to slow down and enjoy the world around you. Let go of anything that causes you to feel stressed or worried and be present in what you are doing now.

Get rid of stress and anxiety as you are mindful of the five elements around you. Being outdoors can help you in many positive ways. The air can help to calm your fourth chakra while the fire element can get your third chakra moving. Water will balance your second chakra and the ether element will help with the fifth chakra.

You can activate your energies of your third chakra by going outside and sitting out in the sun.

  • Breath Work

There are different kinds of breath work that you can do. Doing this for just a few minutes can balance you. This kind of work is also called pranayama and will connect to the energy of your body while it helps to improve your nervous system and opens up the lower chakras.

One kind of breathing is called box breathing and it can calm your nervous system and it can help you to have peace. This breathing will balance your body and will take away stress our of your body and mind. It can relax you and align your chakras.

Nostril breathing is another kind of breath work that will get you calm. It will help you to concentrate and will improve your focus and memory. It is also known to help you sleep better and can balance your emotions.

  • Meditation and Visualization

One of the best ways to meditate is to use visualization while doing it. You can align your mind with your upper chakras, and this can help you to be calm. Imagine a white light filling your entire body and going to each of the chakras. As your energy centers are opened up, imagine your energy becoming calm and balanced.

  • Color Therapy

Color therapy can help to balance your chakras. You can eat the right colored foods or wear the colors for each of the chakras that are unbalanced. If you want to open up the sixth chakra, wear the color blue which will help to align your throat chakra. If you want to get rid of blockages in the heart chakra wear or eat green.

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