Are You an Intuitive Empath? Find Out!

People all over the world have psychic gifts and some of these gifts have to do with someone’s emotions. There are some people that have these psychic gifts that are not easily understood or explained but as they learn to further their thoughts and their life, they can see how these gifts can help them and others.

Psychology talks about how people behave and how they have emotions. A person that is an empath is able to understand these emotions more than others.

Understanding Empathy

Empathy is when a person can feel the emotions or thoughts that someone else has. They are able to feel for people and to walk in their shoes. Everyone can have this gift, and everyone is able to show others empathy, if they choose to. There are some people though that are more able to show empathy to others than some.

Empathy is about being aware of your emotions and it is tied to a sensitivity that is inside of them. This can cause an empath to be able to look at their own past and see how they experience things with others. Empathy is an emotional awareness that grows as people get older.

What is an Empath?

An empath is someone that is able to pick up the feelings and emotions around them. This is someone that is born with these skills, and they develop as they get older. People that have this gift are sometimes called empaths or:

  • Physical empaths.
  • Emotional empaths.
  • Intuitive empaths.

This is something that cannot be expressed through science, but it is someone that is usually highly emotional and sensitive and someone that is very perceptive and aware. An empath that is a phyiscal empath is able to feel sensitivities in their body. If someone has a headache, they might have the same symptoms as the person they are around.

Empaths that are emotional empaths will pick up the feelings and emotions someone is having and sometimes this causes them to be overwhelmed and tired.

Intuitive Empaths

Intuitive empaths are people that are empaths, but they have more intuition than others. This means that they are able to even receive messages from the world around them such as from animals, spirits, people, plants and sometimes they are even telepathic.

They will use things around them to find out what someone is feeling or thinking. Of course, this isn’t scientific.

What is an Intuitive Empath?

Intuitive empaths are people that feel things. If you have ever went into a room and you feel that the room is full of darkness and find out that someone was just arguing in there, you might be an empath. This is someone that is able to read the environment and the people around them before they even talk to them.

If someone has ever told you that you are wimpy or that you need to have tougher skin, you might be someone that is an empath. Even if you have tried to be stronger and to not be emotional, if you are an empath, chances are you can’t stop this.

Why Are You An Empath?

People are empaths because that is what the universe wanted them to be. Most of the time you won’t see an intuitive empath and they are very rare. They are people that are sensitive and perceptive and those that are open in the spiritual world. They are sensitive to emotions, and they are often emotional themselves.

Is it Good to be an Empath?

Being an intuitive empath and being aware of people and the world around you can be a good thing. It can help you to make better decisions in your life and to be able to live a better life by protecting yourself and those around you.

But the problem with being an empath is that this can cause someone to be overly sensitive. The person that is sensitive is often overwhelmed and confused by the feelings and emotions that they are feeling. These are people that have-to-have boundaries and that have to be able to take the energies around them and use them for good.

Those that have these energies often experience pain or trauma and even though this gift isn’t considered either good or bad, it has the tendency to be both. It can be draining, and it might cause people to have to spend more time alone to clear their mind. Also, having self-care is very important.

Signs of an Intuitive Empath

If you want to understand if you are an intuitive empath, here are some of the signs that you might see:

  • Being clairvoyant: There are different kinds of clairvoyant gifts and if you are someone that can see or hear into the spiritual world then you might be an intuitive empath because of the motions involved in this.
  • Gut feeling: Most intuitive empaths have a strong gut feeling that is normally right.
  • Overwhelmed: Intuitive empaths can become overwhelmed easily because of the energies that they are picking up.
  • Strong feelings or sensations: Someone that is an intuitive empath might have strong feelings in their body and sensations that they sometimes cannot explain.

Can You Become an Empath?

If you are someone that wants to be an empath or you have this skill, but you want to develop it, you can. Just like building or learning something else new, learning to build or increase your empathy for others can happen. You have to be sensitive, and you have to be aware of what is going on around you.

One of the best ways that you can increase your gift of being an empath is to meditate. By doing this, you can look at your life and you can see the emotions and who they belong to. If you have a strong feeling, find out if that is yours or if it is coming from the world around you.

Be loving and compassionate to yourself and others. Don’t be upset with yourself if you aren’t able to develop your gift in a day. Work to make your gifting stronger but be compassionate when things don’t go your way. You need to be able to look at other people and their thoughts and emotions without judging them. This is important.

Talking about your feelings and your thoughts is something that is very important for any empath. You can journal these things and you will see that you can pinpoint the negative feelings and the thoughts that come to your mind. If you need to, talk to a psychic or a therapist to help you through any feelings or emotions that seem too strong.

Talking to a Psychic

You can hire an intuitive empath to talk to you and to guide you through your thoughts and emotions. Find one online at a reputable site and see if they can help you on your journey.

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