Using Feng Shui in Your Home

Feng Shui is a practice where you take things, and you arrange them to bring peace into your environment. Chi is the life force that is inside of you and even if you don’t see it, you can feel it. You might have noticed that when you walk into a room that hasn’t been used a while that the energies will feel gone and that’s because the space is empty, and the energy is stuck.

Chi can move fast, and this can cause stress in your life. As you walk around in a peaceful environment, you can see that nature is there to give you peace and balance. Feng Shui wants to give your environment a boost. Chi will go through your home and your office and will move around. This will make the room feel smooth and full of positivity. Make sure that you move your furniture in ways that stops obstacles if you want to have balance and peace. Get rid of clutter or it can block the flow. Do you have furniture that you have to walk around? This can change your vibrations and make you feel negative.

You can use a Bagua Map to find out how to bring balance in your home. Smudge your home, declutter, put up colors, open the windows and other things to get rid of stagnant and negative energies. This will bring about good changes.

Bagua Map or Bagua Compass

The Bagua Map is used with Feng Shui which helps to bring balance between two energies, the Yin and Yang. The Yin is a feminine energy, and the Yang is a masculine energy. Things are made up of natural things or things are produced by man. Having too much of one energy can change the balance.

History of Feng Shui

Feng Shui has been around since 206 BC and started with the Han dynasty in China. Some believe that it might have even been around before that and was often used in different locations.

As the practice grew, it would be done in palaces and cities. There are schools that are Feng Shui schools that use a compass to figure out the Qi energy. One Feng Shui school was found in the 80’s and is called the Black Hat School and is very popular everywhere.

Architects and builders often used the placement of art to bring about peace and happiness and they use this in many corporations. Here are some of the locations that use Feng Shui art placement:

  • Universal Studios.
  • Louvre Museum.
  • Four Seasons Hotel.
  • Sydney Opera House.
  • Bank of China.
  • Columbus Circle.

Bagua Map

The Bagua is the symbol of reality. It has eight lines that are broken and unbroken and represent the yin and yang balance. You can create the balance by using the map or the compass. The map has eight sides and will go eight directions. It also has symbols and elements that you can use in your area.

Some will use the Bagua compass to figure out which direction the Chi is created in the area. This was invented by sea farers in China. When you use the compass in your home or office area, it can help you know what to add to make the place peaceful.

After you have a Bagua Map, you can face y our property from the front door and the left side of the house is the wealthy corner and the right side of the house is where your relationship energy is. You can use this to change your house and make it perfect.

You can use a mirror outside the front door to get rid of negative energy and have it bounce out away from your home. Use the Bagua Map and Compass to figure out what to do on the inside of your house. Some will use the map to look at the area in the home or the office. The map is divided into nine guan’s which are sections. Here is what they mean:

  • Self: How you see yourself and what your purpose is.
  • Wisdom: The path of your spiritual self and your knowledge.
  • Family: Your neighbor or community.
  • Wealth: Finances and how you get money.
  • Fame: Your public image and your job goals.
  • Relationships: Friendship, love, romance, and interactions.
  • Creativity: Expression creating, children.
  • Helpful people: Friends and those in your network.
  • Health: The wellbeing of yourself and others.

There are eight different directions that the compass will face, and the Map will face North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West, Northwest. Never sleep with your head going North or you will have it interrupted. Sleep with your head going South, Southwest or East. You can also add colors and animals to enhance the Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Numbers

Here are some important numbers in Feng Shui:

  • 1: Ensuring and guaranteeing something.
  • 2: Easiness.
  • Long life and birth.
  • 4: Dying and death.
  • 5: No or not.
  • 6: Long life.
  • 7: Guaranteed.
  • 8: Prospering.
  • 9: Long life or longevity.
  • 0: Infinity.

When you add up the numbers in your home or office address you can see that a 4 isn’t always bad and 54 means that you aren’t going to die where 48 means you will prosper until you die.

Feng Shui Elements

There are five elements include fire, metal, water, earth, and wood. These are the cycles that can be helpful and those that can be destructive. The way that you use the elements can bring balance.

Generative Cycle:

  • Fire generates the earth.
  • Earth generates the metal.
  • Metal generates the water.
  • Water generates the wood.
  • Wood generates the fire.

Destructive Cycle:

  • Fire will melt metal.
  • Metal cuts the wood.
  • Wood becomes the earth.
  • Earth muddles the water.
  • Water puts out the fire.

Why Use a Bagua Compass or Map?

When you use certain colors or animal symbols, you might see that this works with the compass and the map. When you understand that the elements are creative and you want to improve your luck, Feng Shui will help you with this. The Chinese believe that Feng Shui will help to honor ancestors that have died and as you police things a certain way you can have prosperity.

Elements increase your health, energy and money and can be used all over your area. You can put plants in a room, 3 of them to the east and this can bring good health. Put an aquariums or a fountain or a picture of water to the North to promote balance. Hang a crystal in your kids window to make them whole. Put something round in the living room to make unity. If you want to have love, try adding things in your home such as candles that are red, heart shapes or rose and jasmine incense. This can make the bedroom more romantic.

Other benefits of using a Bagua Map:

  • Bring wealth.
  • Finding love.
  • Having a strong relationship.
  • Becoming successful.
  • Bettering your health.
  • Increasing vitality.
  • Stopping bad luck.

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