About Sarah Carson

Sarah CarsonSarah Carson is the founder of the North American Psychic Network. Sarah is widely known in the metaphysical community. Besides the network, she also established the American Healers Society and the Society of Certified Psychics. She hosts multiple podcasts on both iHeart Radio andthe Mental Health News Radio Network. Sarah has aired interviews with many of the top psychics and mediums in the world, including Theresa Caputo, Lisa Williams, Deborah Livingston, Danielle Egnew, James Van Praagh, John Edward, and John J. Oliver.

When Sarah’s own psychic journey began, she was skeptical about all things metaphysical and supernatural. But even the staunchest skeptic can’t deny that unseen powers exist after unexplainable and illogical events are repeatedly experienced first-hand.

Sarah founded the North American Psychics Network to provide consumers with an inviting and safe network to find ethical, professional, and accurate psychics. It also gives psychics a trusted company to associate with—one that holds ethics in the highest regard.

Each psychic on the North American Psychics Network has participated in two test readings— the first with a network representative, and the second with a volunteer client. The psychics are tested for professionalism, delivery, ethics, accuracy, timeliness, and more. Sarah personally endorses every psychic listed on the network.

A Note From Sarah

Hi, and thanks for visiting! I’m often asked what events in my life inspired me to establish a psychic directory. I’ve always been a left-brained thinker. Most of my employment history involves finance, so the “metaphysical” or “paranormal” world was something I was unaccustomed to and did not believe in. The way my mind operates, numbers add up, facts are provable, and profits and losses show the bottom line. There isn’t room for spirits, spooks or ghosts when your days are spent crunching numbers and meeting monthly deadlines.

But everyone knows that life can present us with issues that are quite unexpected. This happened to me after I moved into an old cabin the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Unexplainable things started happening, and I was not the only one to notice them. My logical mind classified the odd events as electrical issues, coincidence, imagination, and so on. But when those events escalated, logic could no longer explain them. There was no doubt about it: I lived in a haunted cabin! I heard spirits communicating, and felt their physical touch. None of this was threatening or negative, but it was undeniable.

I was finally forced to take action about it, but I didn’t know where to turn. With the help of a medium, I eventually had the issues resolved. This kindled a new spark within me. I was curious to see beyond the stark numbers on my computer screen. I was eager to discover what the spirits wanted, and how and why they were able to use sounds and touch to communicate with me. It was far beyond what I’d heard about before. But it was all a very real experience.

Eventually, I wanted to create a forum that could bring much-deserved attention to the amazing people that were helping me. They were real people who were genuinely gifted to talk to dead people and spirit guides. So North American Psychics Network was born!

Everyone here works tirelessly to make sure that the ethics, accuracy, and professionalism of every professional psychic listed on the Network is upheld. While each client won’t experience the same reading as our testers did with each psychic, I personally guarantee that each one listed has been tested, and possesses genuine psychic abilities. Yes, every single one! Nobody is allowed on the network without being tested first. We strongly believe that psychics be tested for their ethics before being deemed legitimate, so you can work with them with confidence.

Thanks for trusting us, and thank you for visiting!

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