Should You Be with Your Ex?

You and your ex might have broken up but even so, chances are that you might were meant to be together. Some exes are there to be with you for a time and others are only there for a season. If your partner is meant to be with you then you might have met your forever love and you might end up back together again.

Maybe you broke up with them years ago or you just ended it recently. Even so, this might be someone that you feel you let go too soon. Do you think your ex is the one and your considering getting back together with them?  Keep reading.

You might wonder if your ex was your soulmate. What if they aren’t really your soulmate though? This can be a hard thing to answer because people sometimes breakup and then they get back together, that’s just life.

Sometimes this happens because your ex is really your soulmate and they are someone that you feel understands you differently, the breakup might have been over small things, you have the same personality and humor, and you feel that you’ve known them forever and you’re at peace when you’re together. There are some reasons you might want to get back with your ex.

  • You Still Care

No matter how hard you want to hate them for hurting you, you just can’t, and this stops you from being able to let them go. You and they had a hard breakup but, in the end, you see them as someone that was a good person.

If you feel that you have a hard time not caring about them, this might mean you’re meant to be together. Don’t confuse this with being compassionate though because this isn’t the same thing.

  • You Still Have Fun Together

When your ex is around and you tend to still have the same humor, this might mean that you’re meant to be with them. Humor isn’t all it takes to be with someone though but if they respect you and care about you on top of that, it might be a sign.

  • Soulmate Love

There are some people that think that their ex is their soulmate, and this isn’t always true. People have many soulmates that come and go while they only have one twin flame. If you believe that your ex is your soulmate then you need to reunite with them.

  • They Say the Right Things

Your ex might be someone that is able to say the right things to make you feel loved. They will comfort you when you need it, and they will make you laugh when you feel like crying. They are someone that can take care of your emotions. This might be someone that you should try the relationship with again.

Of course, don’t get stuck in a place where they manipulate you or charm you to just get what they want.

  • They Are Sorry

Is your ex sorry for the way that the relationship ended, and they want to make things right? Someone that broke up with you or you broke up for smaller reasons might try to make things better and work through it so that they can restart the relationship. If they are really sorry, they might be worth a chance.

Always make sure that they are going to change and that you both agree to do better.

  • People You Love Also Love Them

Do you have brothers or sisters or parents that love your ex? Even though you broke up they might be someone that your people still love. They might be part of your family. This can mean that you’re meant to be back together.

Be careful of people that charm others or narcissists though. These can be people that pretend to love others when they only love themselves.

  • You Are Still Single and So Are They

You might want to give the relationship another try if you and your ex are still single. You might have just broken up or you might have broken up a while ago, but you feel that fixing things is better.

  • Comparing Others to Them

Do you compare everyone that you date to your ex because you had such a good relationship with them? This could be a sign that you’re meant to be with them. Those that look into the past and want to rebuild a relationship should do this out of love and not because they are lonely.

  • You Don’t Care What Others Say

If you get back with your ex, then chances are people are going to talk about it and put you down for it. That’s okay. Sometimes you have to deal with these things and if you’re strong enough to not care then it might mean you and your ex should try again.

Don’t go back into something that is unhealthy though and if your friends or other people are telling you that you’re going back to a place that is unsafe, listen to them.

  • You Wonder What You Were Thinking

Some people break up with their partner and they wonder what they were thinking. Even though the relationship was good, there were small things that got on your nerves. But if you stall care for them and you admire them then this is something hard to pass up on.

Don’t confuse not having things such as enough money or other things as a reason to go back to your ex. Make sure it’s because you care for each other.

  • It Was a Hard Breakup

Was it hard going through the breakup with your ex? You still love each other strongly but there were so many small things that it made it hard to stay together? If this is the case, then chances are that you might have jumped at the breakup too fast.

The relationship might not have come to the place where it needed to be ended yet. Some people break up because they have long-distance relationships or because they have different schedules, and they don’t get to spend time together.

If you believe that this is why you broke up, you might want to give it another try.

  • You Check Up on Each Other

Do you still text your partner and see what they are doing? Are you always talking to your ex, and you want to know if you should keep the relationship apart or you should get back together? Sometimes people are good friends, but they don’t make good partners. Don’t confuse this with love and sex but make sure that you are more than that before you get back together.

  • Calling Them Drunk

Calling your ex-drunk is a sign that you aren’t over them. You think of them even when you aren’t thinking straight, and this could mean that you need to be with your true love.

  • You Aren’t Lonely

Sometimes being with someone again isn’t about being lonely and if you miss your ex and not because you’re lonely but because you love them, this is different. Drunk dialing doesn’t mean this is love it just might mean that you miss them.

  • You Ask Your Friends About Them

If you and your ex are asking mutual friends about each other then it might mean you are still in love. This is a sign that you both miss each other and that you might want to get back together. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you are talking badly about each other but that you’re being loving and kind when you ask.

  • Spend Time Together

Even after the breakup you and your ex spend time together doing fun things. This can mean that you still wanting to be with them and that you are seeking out the times that you have fun more than anything else. The relationship might be flexible and feel like nothing in it has changed.

This kind of relationship of course can be complicated so make sure that you don’t get into this situation and if it gets too confusing move on before it’s too late.

  • You Don’t Enjoy Other People

You might realize that dating other people isn’t what you thought it would be. You might realize that this was a mistake and that breaking up was your worst idea. The dating scene might not be what its all cracked up to be and this might make you want to go back with your ex even more.

  • Déjà vu

Déjà vu can happen and this can mean that you are meant to be with your partner. You might experience this over and over again and it can be patterns and memories. This can be other events though so don’t get confused.

  • You End the Relationship Lovingly

Even though things ended the relationship ended lovingly. Even though it was a hard decision to break up, you didn’t feel that it was the right time to be together. If you feel that you were wrong and that things should have been better, maybe give it a try again.

  • You Became a Better Person

It can be true that if you want to make your relationship work out that you have to work on yourself first. You need to get rid of things that trigger you and cleanse your energy and then you can love yourself and others like you need to.

After you get rid of all the negative things in your life and you learn to take care of yourself, you might be ready to be with them again.

  • You Defend Them

When other people talk trash or say hurtful things about your ex you are the first one to stand up for them. This might mean that you share a special energy. Even if they messed up and you can forgive them, you might see that you want to be back with them.

  • You Have Their Things

They have left many things at your house, and you left many of your things at their house. They might call you to get their things back or you might show up and try to get yours back. You might do this because you want to see them. Of course, you might leave your stuff there hoping that you could get back together.

  • You Are Sad You Didn’t Try

Do you regret not trying to make the relationship work because you feel like you missed it? You think about them in your future, and you see it as a good thing. This can mean that you miss them, and you want to give it another try.

Did you feel upset for days because of the times you missed with them? As long as they weren’t abusive this could be a relationship you want to try again.

  • They Are Always On Your Mind

You moved on but you can’t get them off your mind. You think about them constantly even though its been a minute since you’ve been together. They might even come to you in your dreams. These are signs that you aren’t over them and you want to try again.

  • You Live the Same Lives

You might have broken up over small things or because you had to go and live your life far away from them. This might have left you time to accomplish things in your life that you needed to do. But now things have changed, and you find that your relationship can be healthy. Sometimes it can be a great thing to try again.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking about getting back with your ex, give it a try. As long as you aren’t going back to an abusive relationship, chances are that the second time it could work out for you, and you might end up with your happily ever after. Of course, if you don’t happen when you give it a second try, you can always break up and part ways again.

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