How Lightworkers Can Fight Darkness

People all over the world are suffering but there are also many people that are seeking their awakening and looking for the light. The light is what brings you to where you are and if you are a lightworker, read on.

There are different signs that you might be a lightworker and some of these might not be good. You might be going through hard times and through bad jobs, hard relationships and you might be unhealthy in your mind and body.

Once you decide to be a lightworker, you have to learn about darkness. You have to understand that there is a world of heartache and pain. There is pain and worry and the world has let many people down.

Being a lightworker might make you feel disconnected and make you feel that there is complete darkness around you.

The good thing is that there is light behind the shadow and the shadow brings pain and worry and hurt but light does something else.

What is a Lightworker?

A lightworker isn’t a job that you can go and say positive things into the atmosphere and then everything will be better.

No matter what bad things are happening in life, a lightworker has to hold on to that light. They cannot hide in their cocoon, but they have to face the darkness.

Most of the time, the only thing that a lightworker has to fight the darkness is the love that they have. They have to believe that love can overtake everything negative.

In a world full of violence and pain, it is hard not to fall into the darkness. When you open yourself up to the world around you and you become vulnerable, you will see that you have darkness inside of you that you have to work on. Some of it might include things such as:

  • Selfishness
  • Greed
  • Being petty
  • Jealousy
  • Anger

When you are a lightworker, you have to learn to love people even despite your pain. You have to listen to the world around you and your soul and see what you can do to share love to the universe.

The whole part of your being is going to deal with imperfectness in the world, but you have to love it no matter what is going on.

Some lightworkers need to have healing and this is an easy job because they can help others. They are often people such as doctors, teachers, counselors, and other people that show love first.

They are people that deal with others that have been abused and hurt in their life.

Holding Love

The lightworker is someone that has to hold on to love. They have to show this love to others. They have to see the world for not being perfect but for being imperfect and then they have to do what they can to fix it.

Sarah Carson

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