Zodiac Signs that are Mutable

People often know things about astrological signs, but did you know that there are three major categories of the zodiac?  There is a cardinal, fixed and mutable signs of the zodiac. A mutable sign means that it is a quality of the sign. It means things are changeable and this is one of the keys to astrology and how it connects to the world.

The mutable sign includes Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Four Mutable Signs

There are four mutable signs that are associated with each of the elements:


Gemini is the air sign, and they have a hard time settling things in their mind and making decisions.


Virgo is an earth sign, and they are people that are helpful to others. These are people that help others to heal and to be strong.


This is a fire sign, and it is someone that loves to learn. They love to take trips and they see the best in people around them.


This is a water sign, and they are people that are not able to be controlled. They will change their feelings based on who they are around, and they are willing to make sacrifices for others.

They give people help when they need it, and they are compassionate and are often mentors.

Characteristics of the Signs

Each of these signs have different characteristics:


The Gemini is someone that is curious, and they are loving but they also love to gossip. They aren’t always able to focus on what is going on around them.


The Virgo is a patient sign, and they work hard to get whatever they want. They make goals and they reach them without error.


The Sagittarius is one that loves adventure, and they are strong souls. They try to figure out how to solve all of the problems, but they will leave someone that no longer helps them to better themselves.


The Pisces is a dreamer, and they want to connect to things that are important to them. They will find new projects to do and hobbies that will help them to feel that they can make the world a better place.

Role of Mutable Signs

If you are a mutable sign, then you are someone that is adaptable and someone that cares for others. You are someone to have around when things are bad because you will deal with it and make changes that you need to make to help the situation be better.

You will be someone that can think fast and make fast decisions if you need to. The signs that are mutable often struggle though because they are always changing to help others and they don’t always do things for themselves.

Sarah Carson

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