Understanding Mediumship Easily

Being a medium is a gift that people have where they can contact the spirit world. Some people that are mediums can pick up the spirits but after they connect, they are not always able to get the information that they are trying to get for someone. If this happens, it can be hard to push through this.

The details will often come if your medium is being still and listening. They can reach out with their heart and their mind and even when things don’t feel like they are coming through, they still can.

Some students that are studying mediumship often wonder why being still is part of connecting with the spirit world, but this is a big part of it.

Be Open

The medium knows that connecting with the spirit world can be hard and sometimes it is hard to connect in a reading because of blockages.

When this happens with energy, you have to imagine a door and being stuck on the other side. How is your body responding to this? It probably feels stressed or tense. When you want to connect with the spirit world though you have to be opposite of that and have positive energies and actions.

Mediums can increase their vibrations and connect with the spirits easier by being opening and surrendering to what the spirit wants to say.

When someone tries to hard to reach the spirit world, the spirit might come through with a message but if it is blocked it will be like there is a walk blocking the spirit world from coming to you.

Let it Go

The connection that you have with the spirit can come in waves and it can be strong. You might get every detail that you need during the reading. When you are trying to find information, you need to go with it. This is sometimes where people that are new at their giftings have problems. They try too hard to get information instead of just letting it flow.

Spirit Time

Once you do a reading you will start to connect with the spirits. Allow them to speak and encourage them to come to you. Let them give you the message they want to give you.

Never be upset if a spirit that you didn’t ask to come, comes because this sometimes happens when mediums speak into the spirit world.

Ask Them to Come

Invite the spirit to come to you and meditate and light a candle. You can ask them by speaking to them. It is often important to do a meditation before you even start your reading to help you calm down and heal. This positive energy can bring you what you want.

Spiritual Community

Find people in your community that do mediumship readings and let them be part of your journey. The basics of mediumship can help to guide you and help you to get what you want with your purpose.

If being a medium is your divine journey, then embrace it and allow the spirit world to embrace you and to help you to be the best that you can be.

Sarah Carson

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