How to Reset the Soulmate Cord

Soulmates are wonderful, most of the time. Soulmates may be a life partner, your closest friends, or even someone who comes into and out of your life in order to teach you something important. A soulmate connection goes beyond a heart connection to a spiritual and soul connection. You may have been with this person before and have recollections of past life experiences together because those feelings are etched permanently in your soul. They are always part of you and with you and the smallest trigger can flood you with memories. You may find that you carry these feeling in your soul daily, constantly reminded of your soulmate.

Feelings like these are fine if you are still good friends or in a lifelong, committed relationship with them. These are even fine if you share some other special bond. However, if you are not with your soulmate because you do not know where they are or something is preventing you from seeing them, this yearning of such a magnitude can tear at your soul. Sometimes soulmates seem to be in and out of your life quickly, popping up when you least expect them to appear bringing the strong yearning forward again. It is like some invisible rubber band connecting you that stretches and creates tension as you live life, but eventually gets to the breaking point. It may then retract or return, but this is a form of torture. This is not good and holds us back from creating new relationships and could keep us from meeting the soulmate that we are to spend the rest of our lives with in a loving committed relationship.

Many healers believe that you can cut the cord of a soulmate connection permanently, though some do not. These are past life connections to an energetic power that we cannot fully understand as of yet. Past life connections influence us daily as they become imprinted on our soul. What you can do is to reset the connection, so it is less painful and you can move on without the influence of the soulmate connection on decisions and new relationships. To do this, you must be in a position to completely forgive your soulmate anything they have done and you too must be ready to move forward. Sometimes we want to feel the draw and connection soulmates give, but tend to forget the pain and lessons. This is counterproductive to resetting to resetting, so ensure you are ready before resetting.

How to reset is up to you and what resonates in your soul. The process shared is what works for us, but may be altered to fit your needs. Start by settling in quiet room to ensure you will not be disturbed. Burn an aromatherapy candle or a diffuser to add to the calm. Sit or lie comfortably and take several deep cleansing breaths to relax the mind and body. Ask your guides to come close and when you are comfortable, ask them to release the cord that binds you to your soulmate. Ask this as many times as you need in your own words. Then, visualize yourself and your soulmate attached by an energetic cord and then the release of that cord. Ask your guides for heart protection and visualize a beautiful pink light forming around your crown chakra. Let the light flow down and surround you completely. When ready, thank your guides and come back to consciousness. Once finished, clear the energy from the air through smudging and then take an Epsom salt bath or go for a swim in nature to clear residual energy.

This can be done as often as you want and need for each and every soulmate. There is no right or wrong way to go about the process, just set intentions and trust your guides have your best intentions at heart. Keep in mind you are the one making the decision to cut or reset the cord.

Sarah Carson

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