Finding Karmic Connections

Soul contracts are part of your destiny and they happen because of your past life. When you figure out what a soul contract is, you can understand more why you go through certain things.

Past Life

Once you understand that your birth is not your first life, you can understand that you have things in your past. This means when you meet certain people today, you might know them or feel that you have a connection with them and that is because they have come not from this life but from your life before.

Maybe there is someone that you talked to for just a few minutes such as a person asking for money or a partner in your life and the purpose of all of these connections is so that you can learn from them and you can become better.

The soul contracts that you have will come back to you in a future life.

Soul Contract and People

Everyone you meet is part of your soul contract and they are there to teach you different things in your life. They will help you to learn to forgive and will take care of you when you are hurting. Sometimes you have to go through hard times so that you can learn to be better and to understand how important life is.

You will become who you are, and you will become strong but only after you go through hard things that have hurt you or caused you to feel alone. Despite the circumstance in your life, the people that you meet, and you become connected to are there to help you in all aspects of your being.

Sometimes people will annoy you and frustrate you, but they too are a part of your bigger journey. The pain that you have with some relationships is to help you to become better and not to give up.

You have to learn to build yourself up and to become who you want to be. When you are able to see the bigger parts of life, you may want to run away form it or detach but if you learn to change your mindset and become more compassionate and loving, then you are becoming what the universe hopes you will be.

Sometimes you will find that there are relationships that become separate from you and this is a change in your life that is helping you to reach your awakening. You will see different steps in life that seem to separate you, but you will become whole again.

Are Soul Contracts Different?

You are different and you are not like anyone else and as things happen in your life, you will be required of different things and you will move froward in different ways.

Maybe you have a child that is disabled or a child that has problems that mean that you have to give them all of your attention and care, this is something that will help you grow and help you to become compassionate and have unconditional love.

Someone else might have unconditional love through having abusive parents and taking care of their siblings. They might love them with everything in them and have to make choices to protect them.

Someone that has strong finances and doesn’t have to work hard for what they have may have suffered in their past life with a disability or with hunger pangs.


No one will have the same experiences that you have, and you will experience your things as time comes.

Have you ever felt that people in your life are not acting normal and that you try to help them and parent them? Maybe this is elderly parents or someone in the nursing home. No matter what age someone is, they are there to show you how to be loving and kind.

Past Connections

People that you meet is not on accident and the lifetime of people that you come across is not because of chance. You will see that in your before and after life that you have went on a journey to become the best you can be.

Life Changing

Look at your life and think of someone that you had to deal with that was aggravating or hard to understand. Did you feel that you deep inside that the people that come across you in your life have caused you to change?

Do you feel that you have a hard time understanding what you are going through and that you often wish that you could stray away from drama and move on from people?


When you choose not to learn your lesson know that the same thing will come to you over and over again. You will see that the lesson has to be learned in order for you to move forward and to become whole.

The soul contracts that you have will leave you either happy or feeling helpless but all of them are there to help you to become better.

Do not be afraid to look at yourself and to allow your soul to grow. Become the best that you can be and learn to be whatever life gives you.


The universe is there to help you become the better version of what you are to be. Once you realize that you have value in your life and you realize that you have learned different skills, you will see that you have went through hard times for a purpose.

If you haven’t learned your lesson, you have to figure out how to do that and how to complete the things that the universe gives you. This will give you freedom and will help you to be successful in your life.

The universe doesn’t hate you, but it loves you and it needs you to know that you can be the best that you can be.

You can take action and you can reach your destination. When you learn your life lessons, you have to strive for intervention and work through challenges that you face.


You will suffer in this life. You will have bad relationships and you will have people to treat you the way that you don’t want to be treated.

You might find that you are bullied or that you have been in toxic relationships. These things are not fun to go through but know that this is part of your journey and it is there to help you to grow.


Meditating can help you to find some comfort in your suffering. You can see that you have truth inside of you if you choose not to hide it or to push it away. Stop isolating yourself and allow people to come to you to teach you and to help your soul grow.

You can never end your suffering completely, but you can learn to ask questions and to become humble for the things that you are suffering from.

Sarah Carson

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