Psychic Abilities or Mental Illness? The Conundrum of Hearing Voices

If you’ve experienced hearing voices in your head, it could be a very confusing and perhaps upsetting thing to deal with. Are you on the brink of channeling previously unknown psychic abilities? Or could you be suffering the early signs of a mental illness? And how can you tell the difference? Hearing voices can actually be very common, even for ordinary people. Psychics who hear voices are called clairaudients, and use those voices to assist others through their readings. However, there is a percentage of people who could be on the brink of a mental illness if they’re hearing voices. So, how does one tell the difference?

The Conundrum of Hearing Voices.Hearing Voices in Regards to Mental Health Issues

If you’re hearing voices while displaying other symptoms, it could be because of an underlying mental health issue. Symptoms include manic behavior, anxiety, depression, irrational fear, obsessive compulsive behavior, irrational fear, or a feeling of being locked in. Also, hearing voices that are instructing you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do can also be a sign of mental illness. Voices that are disruptive to your mood and daily activities in life can also be a sign of a mental health issue. If any of the mentioned symptoms have occurred, it’s best to consult with your doctor to see if you need to be diagnosed and treated properly.

Other Causes of Hearing Voices

Hearing voices doesn’t necessarily mean you may have a mental health issue. There can be other explanations as well. Insomnia could be a cause of hearing voices. If you’ve experienced a long-term lack of sleep, hearing voices can occur because your mind and body are out of whack. The loss of a loved one could also lead to hearing voices. Bereavement often times leads to one wishing they could hear their loved one’s voice again. So, because of their grief, he or she thinks they are hearing that person’s voice in their head. Severe anxiety, worry, or tension can lead to hearing voices because of adrenal fatigue. Because your body is stressed and out of balance, this also means your auditory system is also out of whack, thus the potential for hearing voices.

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When Hearing Voices is a Psychic Ability

If you’re ruled out the possibility of physical or mental illnesses, then there’s a good chance that you have clairaudient abilities. Regular auditory disturbances not associated with a mental or physical health issue can indicate psychic abilities. When it comes to clairaudient experiences, there are two main types. They are external and internal experiences. With external experiences, the sound or voice you’re hearing seems to be coming from outside your head, for instance, like the sound of a car passing by. With internal experiences, the voices are actually heard inside your head. These are sounds or voices that aren’t your actual thoughts.

Signs of Being Clairaudient

There are some signs you can look out for to help determine if the voices you’re hearing are psychic abilities. If you’re hearing answers to your questions on the TV or radio soon after thinking about or asking the questions, that could be a sign. If you ask someone to repeat what they just said, however, they tell you they didn’t say anything even though you’re sure you heard someone speak, that could be a sign. Also, if you receive a warning voice in your head, listen to is, as it could be keeping you out of harm’s way.

In determining if you are clairaudient, be sure to rule out physical and mental issues first. After doing so, you can then determine whether or not you truly have psychic powers and can begin to accept and hone them while using your ability to help others.

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