Reacting vs. Responding to Life

Reacting vs. Responding to LifeThere’s growing understanding that eternal spirits having physical experiences can choose their journey in life by either reacting to life or responding to it.

At birth, a natural state of love, wisdom, and peace exists. All of those are affected by experiences in life. Life will either crush our soul, enhance our ego, and lead us on our path in life, or act as an invitation to transform our way of thinking and transform our lives—much like a caterpillar evolves into a butterfly.

People can continue choosing to crawl slowly through the dirt of their perceptions, feeling like victims of life. Or they can shift their thought process and undergo a dramatic transformation like that of a butterfly. This transition allows a path to liberation to unfold within the depths of their soul. The soul will emerge after difficult struggle as evidence of divinity in the physical world. It will evolve from self-imprisonment into the true freedom of wings.

When spirits are born into a physical being, they bring along their natural infinite state of love, wisdom, and peace. Society, upbringing, and mind conditioning is what defines if peoples’ minds will either react or respond to the outside forces of life.

Reacting vs. Responding to LifeGreater difficulties in life serve to increase our possibilities. Only the people with great capacities can meet the significant hardships and obstacles. The conscious mind is what comprehends that life in darkness will create either the hell of victimhood, or gratitude for the light and mastery of positive thoughts about and responses to life. This gratitude is the result of honoring the dark along with the light. Adversities in life are opportunities for transformation into positive energy.

There’s a clear and definite difference between reacting to life and responding to it. Growing recognition of this helps people realize their true destiny in life. According to traditional Chinese medicine, people are made up of a whole, consisting of body, mind, and spirit. When people allow themselves to react negatively to circumstances in life, a part or multiple parts of their whole are affected.

If the body, mind, or spirit is out of balance from reacting to life instead of responding, the whole person’s energetic health will be affected significantly. Negative reactions are rooted in the ego and manifest as things like resentment and anger. People will only experience continuous evolution and growth of peace, fulfillment and happiness in their spirits when they respond to life through their hearts.

People have free will. Free will is what ultimately creates and defines a person’s destiny and life path. Life can be lived in an imprisoned mind, resulting in further adversities in life. Or it can be lived in a way that does not allow experiences to dictate the future.

External forces in life certainly affects peoples’ internal well-being. Struggles and adversities can force the ego to take control over our lives. The ego consists of negative thought energy. When negative energies like resentment, anger, and fear are not processed and released, then negative patterns, ill health and negative life patterns come into play and can even affect other people’ lives. When people take the time that’s needed to let their hearts feel, process, learn, and let go, then they’ll be able to respond positively. They will understand that every negative includes an opportunity for a positive outcome. Transforming peoples’ minds and thinking also changes their perception of life in general, and their spirits awaken.

Some people don’t have enough strength to overcome their egos’ reactions to life. They can become sick in their minds and/or their bodies,depressed, dependent on substances, suicidal, selfish, and vindictive. Most of these result from fear of the unknown. The word fear is just an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real. Darkness is an illusion that can be dispelled with the Light. Fear is an illusion that can be overcome with love. Ego is an illusion that can disappear into the imprisonment of a person’s mind.

People who choose to overcome society’s rules and illusions, and conditioning, along with the veil that blurs their natural state, can transform. They can respond to the outer experiences of life, and be fulfilled and healthy. They can discover their purpose and destiny.

Grief, suffering, sickness, and sorrow are among the ways that people learn the greatest lessons in life. If truth was easy to find, people wouldn’t appreciate it. Truth that comes from great suffering or sorrow is valued most highly by those who are ready to receive it.

It may sound trite, but you can’t receive truth unless you’re spiritually ready to receive it. In other words, people must be willing to face the outer forces of life. They need to process, accept, and let go so they can transform their whole selves—their body, mind, and spirit. Transformation from experiences in life allows people to respond, instead of just react.

Sarah Carson

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