Am I Currently with My Soulmate?

You may look at your partner and wonder if they are your soulmate, but are not sure how to figure it out. Below, we help you to determine if your current love is actually your true soulmate. There are few feelings that are as rewarding as meeting your soulmate, whether you are just meeting to have been together for many years. Some people are curious to know if their current partner is a true soulmate or their soulmate is still waiting in the world. To know for sure if your current partner is your soulmate, start with the four questions below.

  • Do you end up together after rough times, every time?
  • Is there a connection between you that exists on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels?
  • Does the one you love complete a part of you that was missing?
  • Do you feel like they keep you grounded?

A yes to any one of these questions could mean you have found your soulmate, but to be sure, read through the following signs and see which or how many apply.

  • Intuition – Even if you cannot pinpoint how you know, if your intuition tells you someone is your soulmate, then listen. Trust your gut if it is telling you the person is the right one for you. You may be emotionally connected in ways that are unexplainable, but this is part of being a soulmate. Perhaps you have gone through everything together, but they still energize you when entering a room. This can be part of a soulmate spiritual connection.
  • Feel as if You Previously Crossed Paths – If the first time you saw your potential soulmate, it seemed as if you had known each other in a past life, this instant connection can be a sign of being a soulmate. You may feel peaceful, warmed, and calmed by their presence.
  • The Right Time – When you are ready to give up on everything and your partner comes in at the lowest point to save the day, it may feel like the universe is joining your paths together. You may be soulmates because when it comes to meeting a soulmate, timing is absolutely everything. Each person must be ready for the soul connection emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
  • Tune into Their Energy – True soulmates have great depth in their relationship and you can tune into one another’s energy. You may almost be able to feel what your partner is thinking, even if words are never spoken. You may be able to read their pain, thoughts, and feelings as if your hearts are connected. You will both hold a deep empathy and understanding of the other’s love and emotional language.
  • Complete and Balance One Another – A single person cannot complete their life mission alone, but a soulmate will come along to help and complete your life. As soulmates, you or your partner will lack in some area, but the partner will find strength to keep your feet on the ground. You balance each other and bring harmony. Your partner can fill in the blanks and you can do the same. Soulmates are often opposites so they can show different strengths. Still, you are good for one another.

These signs and questions can help you know if you have found your soulmate, but if you want further clarification, seek out a love psychic or your Akashic records to know for certain. You may be with your soulmate or they could still be waiting, it is up to you to find out.

Sarah Carson

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