Awakening Your Intuition

Psychic abilities are inside of each person and the important thing is that you learn how to unlock these powers. Psychic or intuition is said a lot and some people really do not understand what it means. People will talk about someone’s intuition or a women’s intuition, but they are just using it as a term.

Some people do not realize that they have psychic gifts and when they do, they would like to increase them and go through a spiritual awakening and most of the time, the intuition is what leads people to have these sensations.

Some people will stay away from opening their psychic powers because they are afraid of a psychic attack, but you do not have to be afraid.

Do you ever seem to just know something without any information? Maybe you know something about someone, or you can guess something without really knowing why.

Opening Your Intuition

Do you ever feel that you have strong psychic abilities? Do you ever have signs that you are an intuitive person, but you do not know what to do with it? The reason that people react differently to their intuition is that they do not know what gifts they have, and they do not really understand how their gifts work.

Maybe these people will look for signs but will not know how to work their gifts. Maybe sometimes you feel a tingle, but you aren’t really sure what it means.

Maybe you are someone new and you are looking for ways to increase your intuition and maybe you have already shown that you are intuitive, and you just want to up it a few levels.

Some people that are strongly intuitive will figure out that they lack in some of their intuition and they feel blocked.


Intuition is just knowing something and here are some things that you might feel if you are an intuitive person or if you have this power:

  • Know someone is going to call before the phone rings.
  • Know if someone is lying to you.
  • Know when someone is feeling bad.
  • Know something is going to happen before it happens.
  • Know when someone is not someone you should hang out with.
  • Knowing when something bad is going to happen.

When you have intuition, you can help other people and yourself. These gifts can help you to know when something bad is going to happen or to make better choices. If your intuition tells you not to go out with someone, you need to listen.

Sometimes intuition is there to help you and it is your spirit guide that is leading you to make better decisions in your life.

Sometimes though, your intuition is there for others and for you to help them. Maybe you will help your friend to know what he or she should do before they make a mistake.


Your intuition is something that the universe has given you as a gift. Listen and learn to trust yourself and you can use your intuition to help guide you and help to keep you safe.

Always remember to thank your spirit guides for helping you and for showing you the right way to go in your journey.

Sarah Carson

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