Speaking with Angels

People sometimes do not believe that their angels are talking to them, but the truth is, they are always talking to you. The problem is, sometimes we do not understand their language and we have to have other people interpret their messages for us.

Angels will speak to you in the best way that they know how and sometimes this is through signs and symbols, We do not always take time to listen to what they are saying to be about figuring out how to communicate with them. How can they get your attention?

Imagine that you are an angel and you are trying to get the attention of someone you want to help. They will not see you because they are too busy with their life and they do not hear you because they do not take time to be still and listen. You feel that no matter what, you cannot get your message to them. Maybe they are high on caffeine or other stimulates and you cannot get through to them.

Being an angel is not easy and in this busy world with so much technology, it is hard for angels to be able to get the attention that they need. They will do things such as play songs for you on the radio or scream in your ears, which makes them ring but sometimes you still do not hear.

Angels can speak through you if you have the clair gifts such as clairvoyance, claircognizance and more, clear knowing, feeling, hearing, and seeing.

Clear Seeing

The angels will send you messages through signs and symbols and they will do this with objects. Maybe you find a coin or a feather or you see road signs when you pass by them. You may even look at the clock and see repeated numbers. Pay attention to the signs and what they mean to you.

There are many books and websites that you can read so that you can understand signs and symbols and you can find interpretations for almost any sign.

You can ask your angel to help you to understand signs and give you signs to know if you are going the right direction in your life. You can even ask them to show you a picture of a city or of a certain object.

Clear Hearing

The angels will speak to your mind and will speak to you through other people. You might hear a song on the radio or an announcement that you have been thinking about. This can give you direction in your life.

You can also hear someone else’s conversation that can give you answers to your questions. Angels will speak to you through music and songs and will give you clear meanings that reach to your soul.

Clear Feeling

One of the best ways that your angels speak to you is through clear feeling. This is a gut feeling that you will get, often when you are on the wrong path in your life.

Your angels will speak to you through your gut feeling and you need to make sure you are listening. If you angel wants to warn you, you might have feelings of fear, stress, nervousness or more. Life is meant to be happy and peaceful and if you are not feeling these things, take a minute to stop and find your peace.

Clear Knowing

Clear knowing is your intuition. This is where you just happen to know things without any concrete evidence. You will know what you desire in your life and when someone is lying to you. You know these things because the angels are speaking to you.

Sometimes, you will ignore these feelings and think that they are just in your mind or you are imagining them. You will allow other people to make you feel that your feelings are not real.

More than not, this is your angels speaking to you. You can be sure if you sit quietly and you go into a place of peace and calmness. Your mind and body need to be relaxed and it is then that you will be able to pay attention to your body and how it reacts.

If you are afraid or tense, this can be a sign that your angels think you are going the wrong direction in your life.

Everything around you are speaking to you and is giving you ideas and feelings. When you hear people talking or you get a feeling in your stomach, know this is not a coincidence and this is the angels speaking to you.

Each person you meet, each book you read, each thing that opens up for you is for a purpose of your life. You have to find out your purpose and know that you have angels to love you and comfort you.

Keep your eyes and ears open so that you can see signs and listen to what the angels are going to show you or tell you. Always pay attention to what is going on around you and if you wonder what is going on, ask questions.

Sarah Carson

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