Soulmate Myths

Everyone has heard stories of falling madly in love, princes and princess meeting their one true love and those that have love at first sight.

The older that we get, the more idealistic of romance we have. We spend years and years looking or the one person that can meet all of our needs and give us what we are looking for. We think about meeting our soulmate, but we picture them as being like us, having strong romance and being both kind and rebellious. We think about them being tall, handsome and balanced in their strength and their emotions. We expect them to be a perfect fit for us.

Other people have experienced these same things. Many people know what they want in someone but they do not know how to find this person and so they shut themselves out of different opportunities to meet new people and to find love.

People who have been hurt in their lives find that when their soulmate comes, it is the time that they are at the lowest, feeling disconnected from the universe, themselves and being lonely. Getting a soulmate seems like being saved and they believe that the soulmate will complete them and make their life worth living.

Soulmate Myths

People believe that there is someone out in the universe that will help to meet all the needs that they have and this is such a big belief that relationships happen and then divorce happens because there is no such thing as a perfect fit.

Because of the different myths that run through the culture of people, they cause people to believe in things that are not true, and this causes there to be little growth and little spiritual maturity. If you think that there is anything that will make you whole other than yourself, this is bad thinking and will hurt you as a person.

Finding Your Soulmate

People that think they can call their soulmate into formation is false. There is no where or power over making your soulmate come to you. The only thing you can really do is be open to your soulmate coming. We do not control life because life cannot be controlled. Life is a mystery and sometimes it is not what we want it to be, but no matter what, we cannot make it different.

When your soulmate shows up, it is usually when you do not expect it to happen. Sometimes you will have a dream before they appear though, so be on the lookout for it.

What You Want

Most people attract relationships with people that have something that they need. When you imagine what your soulmate will be like, you can attract them to a certain degree, but the Law of Attraction does not reflect what is real.

A soulmate is someone that you do not always desire, but it is someone that is needed in your life so that you can grow and become the person you need at the time.

They Stay

Another thing that can cause people pain is when they think that their soulmate will stay forever. This is why marriage is interesting to us because we think that it means forever. This is not always the real case and sometimes a soulmate will only stay for a season and not a lifetime.

One Soulmate

Many people believe that there is only one soulmate for them. The truth is that people have a chance to have many different soulmates and soulmate experiences. Each soulmate will be different and will change our life in some way.

Even though there are multiple soulmates, there is only one twin flame relationship that you can have.


Soulmate relationships can be just friends or family members and chances are there will not even be any romance. This relationship can be your best friend or even your brother.


People think of soulmates as human love, but the truth is that even though the person will come as a person, the bond is so strong that it will be based on the universe and not on people.

Opposite Sex

Most people think that a soulmate is going to come in the opposite sex but that is not true. Your soulmate can be the same sex or a different sex than you. If you are heterosexual, you might face a soulmate that makes you question what your sexuality really is.


Being in love is hard and people usually cannot choose who they love. Love can be wild and mysterious and relationships like these do not always lead to marriage.

This kind of relationship is not about lust and a soulmate relationship is much deeper than a regular relationship. Soulmates are not always single people and if they are married to someone else, they will either have to break up with their spouse or they will have to choose to move on. This can be hurtful to many people but can also help you grow.


People often talk about soulmate relationships being easy and stress free, but the truth is, this kind of relationship takes time and effort. This can be a hard relationship that is emotional and stressful.

Completing You

One of the biggest myths is that a soulmate will complete you. The truth is that many think that their soulmate is their other half, but the truth is that they are there to help you, but they do not complete you.

A soulmate relationship will have a lot of pressure and can bring happiness, but it can also bring pain and sadness. A soulmate will do what they can to give you what they need but this usually ends in a relationship full of betrayal and toxic relationships.

When you want to be complete in your life, find your own love, acceptance and happiness. You have all that you need inside of yourself and before you give up your soul to your soulmate, make sure that you know who you are and that you are trust and believe in yourself.

Sarah Carson

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