Have you ever been in a situation where you have gotten such a strong feeling that you just couldn’t shake it?  Have you been by someone and realized that they were in some kind of danger?  Have you ever had tingling or the hairs on your arms stand up because you feel like something is wrong?  Have you ever heard someone calling you or tapping you but realize no one is there?

People have come to the idea that everyone has some type of psychic abilities.  Everyone has the five senses that are part of their body, but others have a sixth sense that is a psychic ability.  Even though everyone might have a sixth sense, not everyone uses it or develops it.

Clairsentience is another common psychic gift that people have.  This means they are aware of things and often times do not even realize what is going on inside of them. Sometimes, they are able to even know if someone is sick.


Clairsentience is called clear feeling and it is a skill that psychic people have.  This allows them to see things and to know things without knowing why or having facts.  They can feel things around them, and it is a strong form of empathy at times.

When you have the ability to feel things such as energies, this can show you people’s feelings and what is going on inside of someone.  There can be energetic vibrations that you experience in your body and it can cause you to have strong empathy feelings with people around you.

These emotions can be strong and can be a form of clairsentience.  This is a gift that means you are also able to talk to the spiritual world.

Ways of Clairsentience

If you have a strong gut feeling, chances are you will be clairsentient.  This means that you have feelings that come out of nowhere.  They will be strong emotions that can be dread or joy.  They can be a gut feeling that you want to avoid something, and you don’t even understand why.

These feelings can allow you to see the situation and can inspire you to do things that you normally wouldn’t do.  These feelings can also cause you not to do something that you wanted to do.  This is the way that you choose to act or avoid something.


Empathy is a strong psychic gift and it basically means that you feel the feelings of others.  If someone is sad, you know it and if they are angry, you know it.  This is something that increases your feelings and allows you to feel what other people are feeling.  These feelings can be negative and are not based on what you see but what you feel.

Physical Feelings

Clairsentience can make you have physical feelings in your body such as tingling or pain.  You can have pressure, and this is because you are being pulled by the spirit of someone else.  This can happen when you are around certain people.


If you are emotionally attached to someone, it can cause you to have a sense of feeling for them.  You can tell if they are sad or happy even if they are not anywhere close to you.  If you have a feeling like this for someone then you can tell if they are going through conflicts or if they have ups and downs.  Your energy will be linked to them and you will have long periods of time where your energies are tied to this person.

Problems with Clairsentience

The problem with this gift is that being an empath can affect you emotionally.  It is hard to recognize this energy and you can have times where you are confused by what is going on inside of you.

If you have clairsentience, you might pick up the feelings of other people and be sad or emotional.  These emotions are coming from others and this is not unusual when you are an empath.  The problem is that these feelings can cause you to be depressed or to have behavior disorders.

Some people that are clairsentient pick up drugs or alcohol so they can get rid of these feelings.

If there is a problem with understanding people, you might find that you are picking up the emotions of other people.  These can be negative or positive.

If you don’t realize you are a clairsentient, you will not understand why you are feeling the pain of other people.  Even if you can identify the emotions, you might have a hard time controlling them.  There are people that struggle with these feelings and they don’t even know why.  If they knew they had the gift of clairsentient, they would know how to control it and what to do.

People can improve their abilities and understand their gifts and increase their psychic powers.  Being clairsentient can be a difficult gift but can be a powerful and great ability to have to help others.  If you think you have this gift, find a psychic to give you a reading and to help you recognize it.

Sarah Carson

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