What it’s Like to Get an Aura Cleansing

Life can be chaotic and quickly produce feelings of anxiety or fear into your life. It can get so hectic so fast, that at times mantras and journaling just doesn’t cut it. Perhaps it is time for you to consider an aura cleansing and chakra realignment. This method helps purge toxic energies from your spirit to improve your overall wellness.

Be receptive to the experience

It can feel overwhelming the array of New Age healing modalities. But in times of strife, it is important to be willing to try a new approach. Upon entering the practice, you may notice the scent from essential oils or incense. Upon meeting your practitioner, you will need to fill some out some forms to help you understand what you are about to undertake and protect the business as well. When you enter the treatment room, you will need to sit down and place bare feet on top a large opaque crystal slab. You will establish what is most bothering you in this moment and what you are hoping to gain from the experience.

How your aura gets cleansed

You then will be asked to fully undress and lay on a massage bed while draped by a sheet. You will encourage to breathe in deeply the smell of purifying herbs the permeate the room. Your eyes will naturally close as you continue more guided breathwork. Each exhale is meant to release negative energy you are holding in as well as anything that no longer serves you in life. You might begin to notice yourself becoming emotional. Let the emotions feel express themselves.
Following the breathwork, you will return to a meditative state, possible noticing various sounds around you. Often these tones are produced by Tibetan singing bowls to help promote healing and body harmony. Crystals will then be place on your body corresponding to your chakra points. This will help balance your energy and remove blockages created by bad habits, energy vampires, or physical ailments. These healing crystals will place pressure on each chakra to rebalance it and create optimal energy flow.
Don’t be afraid if you lose track of time. When you are gently woken up and instructed to open your eyes, give yourself space to reacclimate. Your practitioner may hold your hands and give you feedback on the insight they gained. It is important to note that people with trauma history or extensive baggage can be taxing on a healer.

Benefits of cleaning your aura

You may go into the session as a skeptic, but you will leave a healthier person. You are able to surrender control and be able to create space in your life for new opportunities or blessings. The positive effects from the session can linger for months later. Self-esteem can be boosted and you can begin to feel more in control of your life. Instead of constant worrying you can foster more trust with the Universe and yourself. Although this experience is not cheap, if you have the resources, aura cleansing and chakra realignment can be an intense form of spiritual healing.

Sarah Carson

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