Raising Your Vibration

Our frequency affects every aspect of our life, but we have the ability to change this frequency at any moment. According to universal law and quantum physics, everything is made of pure energy. This energy moves at all times, vibrating at various speeds. We too are energy, even though we are flesh and bone. Our frequency of vibration impacts our life allowing us to create our own reality and allows us to attract things with the same energy. Using the law of attraction, we draw or repel all people, experiences, and circumstances to our own life, even those that appear accidental. This frequency emanates from our thoughts, consciousness, and emotions, continually broadcasting to the universe. This broadcast attracts the same, good or bad. High frequencies attract good, low frequencies attract bad.

To determine our frequency, we simply need to pay attention to our feelings. When we hold positive thoughts, we feel happy; negative thoughts bring on anger, sadness, and grumpiness. The better we feel, the higher we vibrate. We can change our frequency at any time through simple means. Below are some ways to raise your vibration.


Meditation has been shown to permanently strengthen the most evolved portion of the brain, the frontal lobe, which is linked to cognitive reasoning, abstract thought, positivity, and creativity. It triggers a release of natural neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin which are all linked to happiness. No matter how you choose to meditate, sitting for five minutes a day can help clear the mind and minimize negativity in thinking patterns. Meditation connects us to the divine space so we can transcend thoughts, circumstance, and feelings. Over time, this raises internal frequency and helps us be happier overall.


Technology is great for staying connected, but all electronic devices emit subtle EMFs that can cause a negative impact on our energy field and drain the spiritual life force. Limit exposure to these devices to two hours or less before taking a break. At night, before going to sleep, turn off all equipment including Wi-Fi routers to prevent any interference with sleep rhythms which will allow you to be more rested. If this seems difficult, start with a tech detox of an hour a day, and then work up to one tech free day a week.


Showering and bathing cleanse and wash away the unseen energy from the aura, making room for creative ideas and positive energies that can guide us. A 20 minute soak in a bath with Epsom or Celtic Sea salts can detoxify, invigorate, and soothe. When possible, use organic, natural soap that is toxin free, free of artificial chemicals and scents because these weaken the aura. If you are pressed for time, just washing your hands and face can bring a fresh perspective. For extra cleansing, try smudging yourself, others, or an entire house.

Positive People

It is said that you become the sum of those five people who are closest to you, so make sure these people are elevating your vibrational frequency. Pay attention to how you feel around people and how you behave with them. If you are your most authentic, empowered self, then they are raising your frequency, if not it may be time to separate a bit. Your spiritual health is at stake.

Move Around

Even small amounts of physical exercise can have anti-aging, mood, and metabolic benefits, as well as raising vibration. Get active to help get out of emotional and mental ruts and boost endorphins. It doesn’t matter how much you are sweating; the key is movement and getting away from energy that weighs you down. If possible, exercise outside or in nature. Take time to notice trees and feel rooted in the earth. Even breathing fresh air will help you reconnect with the higher self.


Our physical environment mirrors our emotional state. A cluttered home is a sign of a cluttered mind. Take time to do small chores like make the bed each morning, vacuum, or wash the dishes and watch as you have an instant energy boost.

Serve Others

Many studies have shown that those who spend time volunteering regularly for a worthy cause are more personally fulfilled, happier, and healthier. Next time you are overwhelmed or time pressed, stop by a food bank, homeless shelter, or spiritual center to help out a couple of hours. This will help you align with the flow and grace of the universe.


You really are what you eat and to maintain a higher vibration, focus on fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. When you eat meat, even grass-fed, you are consuming the energy they had when they died. Even animal byproducts have a vibrational price. The energy of what you eat, sticks with you. So when feeling down, prepare a fresh, organic meal and watch how it affects you overall.

News Detox

If the news or newspaper leaves you anxious, depressed, and fearful then try a news detox. News is about earning money so the more gruesome, the better it sells. Go a week without watching or reading the news and see how much better you feel.


Multiple studies have shown that simply expressing gratitude is clearly associated with positive health and happiness. Simply write out a few sentences a week about what you are grateful for in life and you will see a difference. Add to this by sharing gratitude with the people you encounter daily.

Sarah Carson

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