Using Your Intuition as Your Power

How often have you ignored your gut feeling only to come back and wish that you had listened to the voice inside of you? You are never really able to completely understand it, but you know that you have something inside of you that leads and guides you.

Intuition is a place inside of you that allows you to reach your soul self and allows you to know why you do what you do. Intuition means that you are learning things inside of you and that you use a sense that is stronger than just a thought.

Most people know their intuition as a gut feeling because it is an unconscious thing that happens and moves you forward. This is something that you learn without anyone telling you how.

Intuition allows you to benefit from it by being able to preserve yourself and to be motivated to do better things in your mind and body.

Having strong intuition means that you know what is good for you and that you know what you should and shouldn’t do.

Most people have an inner reason or an inner knowing, and this is not something that can be seen but it is something that is always just felt.

This is a place where the spirit guides come to you and tell you information and a feeling that you do not understand but that you must learn to trust.

You have to learn to understand your intuition and to act upon it. This is a time where you will have things opened in front of you and you will see things beyond what your eyes can see and hear things beyond what your ears can hear.

You will have this psychic gifts that can lead you and help you to be better and stronger and more confident in the world. This will help you to take risks and to be the best you can be.

How to Develop Intuition

You develop your intuition by listening to it. When you hear something, you have to learn to trust it and do it. This can happen each and everyday once you learn to listen.

You will feed your intuition by acting upon it and by listening and trusting. If you don’t use it, it will become weaker and it will eventually leave you. This is just like everything else in your body, if you don’t eat, you will soon die.

You can strengthen your intuition when you listen, especially when things are questionable or hard. You might get information on people or if you should hang around them, where you should go or what you should resist.

Intuition is something that can become stronger the more you use it.

Cleanse Your Mind

If you want your intuition to be stronger, you have to get rid of things that society has engrained in your mind. Get rid of fear and anxiety and learn to think for yourself.

Intuition will keep your mind uncluttered and clear and will help you to understand your ideas and be able to share them with others.

Keep It Strong

You have to keep your intuition strong and be passionate about it. When you have passion, you will get what you desire and what you love.

You will see that your ideas and dreams can come true and your intuition will get you there. You cannot let this get away from you and you have to keep the fire of your intuition lit or the flame will burn out and you will lose it.

If you have new ideas, blame it on your intuition and go for it. Allow your soul to flourish and be strong.

Sometimes you will feel that if you act on your intuition that you will be crazy, but the truth is, you need to change your thinking and stop resisting something that is so good for you. Ask your intuition to get stronger and to grow.

Stones to Develop Intuition

If you want to develop your intuition, here are some stones you can use while you meditate:


The Amethyst is a stone that will help to increase your intuition. This is a stone that helps you understand your spiritual being better.

You can use this stone in the form or jewelry or just keep it beside of you or under your pillow. Remember that your intuition is there to help you make better choices and to help you have a better life.

Learn to listen to what your intuition is telling you and stop listening to the world. Allow yourself to decide what you want and need and keep your heart and soul on track. Your intuition will always be right.

Sarah Carson

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