Keeping Your Aura Field Strong

Your aura is part of your energy field and this comes from different planes of life. No matter what you study and how much you learn about the spirit world, when you learn to understand your energy field, you can learn to be healthy and strong.


The aura is part of your energy field and it expands inches above your body. This is where your energy and life are, and this is a field of energy that helps you to know what is going on in your body and mind. There are seven different layers of auras and some of these things can be seen by the eyes while others have to get a reading done in order to know what the aura is doing.

The aura can expand inches around your body and can help you to feel your energy and to get information. The aura has both positive and negative energies and these come from your body and from your environment. The energy will build and be stored and when the energy comes to you, it can stick to your aura and affect your life.

The energy from your past will cause you to fall into patterns that can make you keep going back to bad habits. The future energy will depend on what you are doing in your life and your reincarnation. This can show you what your life will be like when the energy moves on.

This aura is a reflection of both the past, present and the future and depending on what is going on inside of you, your frequency will change. Think about the way that your life is vibrating and know that this is affected by your energy and what happens over time.

People that have light energy will live their life differently.

Why Care About the Aura?

The aura is part of your mind, body and soul and is something that not everyone can see with their eyes, but some can practice and be able to see this life force. Your body and your soul are part of energy and your aura will move as you go through lifetimes. Your energy will be different depending on what plane you are on and what you have went through.

People who can read auras can look at the information by seeing the aura and then they can know about their health. If someone has a weak aura, it can cause them to have sickness and it can cause them to miss out on things in the spirit world.

A lacking aura means your vibrations are low and it can mean the colors of your aura are dull. This happens when there is a lot of negative energies.

How Can it Help?

The aura helps to protect you and keep your chakras strong. When you cleanse your aura of negative energy you will be less likely to suffer or to be sick. Your aura is affecting your mind and your body and as your mind changes and you grow in your spirit, you will understand things more.

When you know your aura, you can find out what your soul is feeling. You have to be honest with your thoughts and what you are feeling. Learn to let go of negativity and learn to move forward in your life and you will be rewarded later.

Your spirit will be happy when you learn to concentrate on your aura, and you learn to get out negative energies from your mind, body, and soul.

Sarah Carson

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