Signs Someone is Thinking About You

How can you really tell if someone is thinking about you? Can you really find out for sure if someone likes you?  The answer is yes. You can also change his emotions to make him long for you and only you.

Have you ever thought that someone might like you, but you didn’t have real proof and you were afraid to ask? Then all of a sudden you know something is up and you guys start acting the same way towards each other?

Chances are this person that you are with is just like you and you can even finish their sentences when they are talking almost like you share some kind of psychic connection.

These kinds of bonds are unbreakable, and you can feel it and so can your partner. There is not only physical attraction in this world and relationships can never last on just physical looks. There has to be something more and it has to be deeper and more emotional. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what kind of social status you have, you can charm a guy with your personality.

There has to be an emotional energy that will help you to draw the other person in and make them want you.

Subconscious mind

You can pick up the vibrations of other people and when you have intuition you will be able to tell what someone is feeling without really knowing why.

You have to understand that there is something that the universe will bring to you and you will be able to pick up on these signals that manifest inside of you which is much more than physical.

Look at things from a different point of view and realize that you want these signs to be strong. When you feel that they are thinking about you and you can feel what he is feeling then you will recognize these emotions and you won’t be able to deny that they are happening.

These vibes you get will come physical and emotionally and you will know that he is thinking about you. Here are some signs that can help seal the deal:


Your mind and body react together and when you are in situations where you know someone likes you or you like them you will have so much joy. You will be in a situation that brings you happiness.

Even if things seem strange at first, look at how happy you are both when you are together and if you always have a smile on your face, you cannot stop this emotion from coming through.

This is a physical sign that your brain is getting signals that someone likes you and is thinking about you. When you see this person and you smile, and he smiles it will be more than words can even say.

He will smile at you like he has thought of you forever and you are his forever happiness.

Looking at him will make you know that he isn’t just being nice, but his smile will reach down to your soul and it will tell you that he wants you and is thinking of you.


Have you ever been in a good mood and feeling positive and all of a sudden you became sad or upset without any kind of warning?  Your feelings were so strong that it almost left you feeling tired or drained?

This might have been a time where negative feelings flooded you and you no longer felt happy, but you begin to feel depressed and withdrawn. This could have been the moment someone was thinking of you. Your mind tries to tell you things and sometimes by changing your emotions, it is the only way to get your attention.

Your spirit will feel when someone is thinking about you and it will cause your energy to change because their energy is messing with your energy.


Do you wonder why people fall in love and how this happens? What brings people closer and helps them to have a strong bond?

This is something that has to do with your subconscious energy. This energy is always there and touching you and people do not always recognize this energy even when it is right on them.

When people fall in love, they are trying to find someone that can meet their needs, understand them and someone that can help them do things that they are unable to do.

Your spirit wants to bring that person to your life and so the messages that you get will be physical messages.

When the person you are crushing on is thinking about you, soon, you will meet them. You will probably see them many times over your life and chances are you have passed this person and been in the same place that they have been and never even realized it.

You will have a connection hat is a spiritual connection and it will bring you together.


People say the eyes are the window in the soul and if you are dealing with things like allergies or eye problems, this could happen because your spirit is feeling something.

If your eye begins to twitch, chances are someone is thinking about you and even if they don’t like you, they could be thinking about you and it can cause you to have physical movement.

There are ways that you can tell if someone is thinking positively of you or if they are thinking negative things about you. If you have a twitching eye, it can mean someone is talking negatively about you but if your left eye is twitching, it can mean someone loves you.

With a guy, if their right eye twitches, it means someone loves them but if their left eye twitches it means someone is being rude about them.


The mind is a wild thing and it is part magic and part logic. The mind has powers that are not limited and there are things you can do with your mind that you never even imagined.

Even though people put up boundaries for their mind, the ideas, and problems that you solve can be almost anything. You have to use your mind to the best of your ability and try to understand things that have happened, but you can do that.

Your mind will create situations that come out of your mouth and out of your eyes. When your mind is trying to warn you, you might see physical signs and not just verbal ones.

Chances are you will have tension that will be strong in your life and maybe you are blushing or feeling sick and you do not have an explanation for it. This is just how the energies are affecting you.

Having negative energies enter into your life can come like hiccups or something else. This means negative energy is there and you can sense it.

Having hiccups can be a sign that someone is talking negatively about you and when you learn to look past the physical world and into the spiritual world, you will see that your subconscious mind is always talking to you and sending you signs, you just have to listen.


The mind is an amazing thing and when someone loves you and supports you, your mind will connect with them.

You will feel things with your partner and know that they are thinking good things about you. Maybe your partner will touch you in a loving way such as kissing you or rubbing your cheek and maybe they are connected to you by allowing their energy to flow through you.

When someone is sad or depressed, they can raise their mood by having someone think positive things about them. When someone is thinking good things about you, one sign is that your ears are burning.

Getting a warm feeling over your body can be a good sign. This can mean that your crush is thinking about you and it can mean that you are full of good energies. Sneezing can mean someone is missing you.

When you mind and body are connected, you can begin to understand things more about your life. It is your nature that the universe takes care of you and the energies that you sense will give you signs that good things are coming your way.

Sarah Carson

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