Reasons Psychic Message Don’t Transpire

Not every message you may receive in a psychic reading will be achieved at your preferred place, or even come true.  Although this can be difficulty to process, and you might get frustrated, there are number of reasons why psychic readings may have mixed results for you.  We will discuss a few of the factors below.

Free will

Every person comes to Earth with the gift of free will.  It is through this blessing that you can manipulate the course your spirit will chart during this life and adapt to a situation to more likely achieve your goals.

Psychic readings help show you the potential options for your future as it stands in that current, or very, moment.  You always have the ability to use the messages shared to influence the next steps you will take to achieve your goals.  Life gives us a myriad of choices, each leading to a unique path of opportunities and experiences.  The reason that no psychic reading will be 100% accurate is because you can always influence your future.

At the moment of your reading, the psychic will tune into the exact vibration you are putting forth at that moment, and see the most probably outcome for that exact time.  If you don’t like your current situation, or the predicted path forward, you have the free will to change it.  But if this outcome brings you peace, then keep doing exactly what you are doing!

Psychic readings are a lot like diet and fitness tips.  It doesn’t matter how much information you give a person; they will choose to use or abandon what best suits their needs and goals.  Much will be implemented, but much will be overlooked.  The changes you make will have lingering effect on your future.  Actions will not just impact you, but the company you keep!  Thus, if parts of your psychic reading don’t seem to be transpiring, it may be because you have made a decision to alter the direction of your life.


People often believe a psychic reading is set in stone, and that everything a psychic relies will magically transpire.  This is simply not true and the querent in fact needs to do ample hard work to achieve their goals!  Being passive will actually result in blocking your opportunities and you may delay reaching your dreams and full potential.

When you prepare for a psychic reading, write down questions you anticipate asking.  During the reading continue writing down salient points such as actions items you need undertake so that you can continue moving towards your goals.  Often, a lack of asking questions can result in messages not coming true.  This is because the querent is unable to address, let alone change aspects in their life that are preventing them from a success outcome to the purpose of their reading.  In this regard, a lack of direct action on improving one’s life should not be attributed to a faulty psychic reading.  Achievement happens because of focus intention and hard work.

It’s all in the timing

Sometimes psychic readings don’t seem to be coming true, because the querent is expecting the results to appear faster than reality.  The universe doesn’t work on our timeline, but on ‘divine time.’  What you might be seeing as a failure, is actually teaching you patience, and will happen with the time is right.  The Universe will always work with your best interests at heart.  There will be delays as you continue to work on yourself and create the best environment for a successful outcome as possible.

Find a reputable psychic

Not all psychics are created equal.  When you look to have a psychic reading, ensure you select a trustful, open and reputable person, so you get the most accurate information possible.  Different psychics use different sets of tools to receive information.  This includes tarot cards, rune stones, palm reading, or other divinations techniques.  Make sure you are able to clearly understand their interpretation and they are willing to address each of your questions in full.

Be cautious of anyone who tells you that a curse might have been place you or your family.  Typically, this statement will be follow-up with an “opportunity” to pay an amount to remove this curse, or other scare tactics.  This is a clear sign this person is not a psychic, but in fact, a con artist!

True psychics uses their abilities to help improve the lives of the people who seek their services.  These special gifts help querents “see” aspects they are unable process on their own.  True psychics will help you identify ways you can improve situations, while still honoring your free will.  Our futures are governed by how we use our free will.  Psychic reading help guide us to the best path forward so we may attain our desires and live our best life possible.

Sarah Carson

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