How Psychic Love Readings Strengthen Relationships

Few things are more difficult than uncertainty regarding your significant other. But it’s not necessary for you to navigate love’s ebbs and flows alone. There’s always a love psychic available to help you. A psychic love reading may be just what’s needed for you to get your relationship back on the right track.

Lots of psychic readings are related to relationships. Even readings that were supposed to be about other topics, such as a potential career change or a creative endeavor usually circle back to romantic relationships. Sometimes it’s a current relationship, other times it’s a past relationship we’re still emotionally dealing with. Occasionally, it’s about somebody you haven’t met yet.

There are many places people can go for relationship advice. Television and radio talk show and podcast hosts often discuss how people can have better relationships. Countless books and magazine articles are still published on the subject every year.

If you don’t want a disconnected stranger’s input, most people have friends, relatives, or colleagues who are eager to share what they think is wrong with our relationship or our significant other, or which dating site we should use to find true love. We’re often bombarded by so much unsolicited advice that we shut down in defense.

Psychic love readings can be great for focusing on your relationships. The readers have no agendas and no preconceived notions of who you should be in a relationship with. When I do love or relationship readings for clients, I want the reading to help them. I ask my spirit guides to provide clear information that I can pass along to my clients. My affirmation for romantic relationships is, “Everybody loves a good love story, and all love stories deserve happy endings.”

Clients often schedule readings right after fights or break-ups. Their first question usually is something like, “Is the relationship really over?” Or, sometimes an ex is calling again, so the client wants to know if he still loves her, why he’s calling now, and if they’ll get back together. Psychic love readings can help address all of those concerns.

Lack of Connection

One client, “Mary,” recently wanted to figure out why she didn’t feel connected to “James,” a man she’d been dating for a few months. Their time together was pleasant enough, but Mary felt guilty because she wasn’t feeling any sparks.

As I started the reading, it appeared to me that Mary actually had a history with the man that was longer than the few months they’d been dating. She confirmed they’d known each other for many years. They attended the same high school, and their families were close friends. James had recently moved back to a city near where they’d grown up.

The deeper I dug, the clearer it became that Mary liked James, but didn’t feel attracted to him on a soul level. She felt obligated to please mutual acquaintances who believed “Mary and James” were the perfect couple. When she confessed to friends that she felt she and James weren’t quite right for each other, they’d reply with James’s resume—“He went to med school!” “He graduated at the top of his class!” “He’s so handsome!”

Only a psychic was willing to explain to Mary, “That all may be true, but that doesn’t obligate you to like him. If you don’t feel right about the relationship, it’s okay for you to stop seeing him.” It disappointed and shocked, Mary’s family and friends, but she finally told James that she didn’t think she could stay with him. A month later, an artist in Mary’s building asked her out. A year later, Mary and the artist got engaged!

Infidelity or Something Else?

Another recent client, Carol, suspected that her husband Mark was cheating on her. Carol felt as though Mark wasn’t fully present when they spent time together, and that he was increasingly withdrawn. When Carol asked him what was wrong, Mark would smile sadly, and then quickly change the subject. These behaviors convinced Carol that there was somebody else in Mark’s life.

My reading revealed that Mark was stressed at work, and that he also had some personal financial concerns. He was a proud, independent Leo, so he didn’t want to tell Carol what was wrong. He hoped instead to fix things on his own. But this shut Carol out and led her to the wrong conclusions.

When Carol spoke to him after the reading, Mark finally confessed that he was anxious about work, and worried about some investments he’d made. With these issues out in the open, Carol and Mark were able to formulate a plan going forward. And when the burden on Mark’s shoulders was lifted, the intimacy was restored to their relationship.

A Psychic’s Discernment

But we don’t need a crisis to compel us to seek a psychic love reading. Sometimes communication seems strained. Or maybe we feel we’re drifting apart. We could feel neglected, or our partner may seem distracted. A psychic love reading can encourage us to build stronger relationships and help us figure out how to get our relationship back on the right track.

A love reading can help you figure out if criticism is creating the tension in your relationship, if you’re avoiding necessary commitments, and if you’re about to meet your soulmate. A psychic can help you figure out if it’s a good time to send flowers, or if it would be better for you to let your partner have some extra space.

Psychics know how important good relationships are. They also are doing their best to sustain and improve the romantic relationships in their own lives. Psychic love readings often give people the time and space they need to gain the clarity that’s necessary to move forward. Asking a question such as, “How can I strengthen my romantic relationship?” often indicates that you’re already at least halfway there.


Sarah Carson

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