What your dreams are trying to warn you about

What warnings in your dreams mean?

Science explains dreams like a set of images, emotions or sensations of ideas that occurs involuntarily inside one’s mind while sleeping.

What dreams are made of

These are interpretations of things we see subconsciously while not sleeping. They can be complex.

The hidden meaning

At times they are just random nerve firing images and other times we end up feeling a strong connection.


Interpretations of these dreams can be related to a person’s life or future. And others can signify danger.

Unravel the mystery

What dreams are trying to tell us and how


We are likely not to pay more attention to our health when awake but when we are asleep our brain never misses the chance to focus on them.


We at times don’t see ourselves in human form in our dreams. We are either animals or birds. Our inner base and desires are symbolized by an animal.

State of mind

Dreams originate from the depths of our minds, and images, emotions and the metaphors generated symbolize distinct aspects of us.


Individuals frequently interpret dreams of death as a good indication of longevity but they are not. Death dreams indicate the end of a cycle or any other aspect of yourself.

Future possibilities

At times dreams take us into the future and tell us what to look forward to. We experience a déjà vu moment at times.

Creativity and imagination

Artists usually attribute their dreams to breakthrough ideas. When sleeping, images are formulated when a part of our brain triggers putting these images in series using our creativity.

Decisions in expression

We always ignore minute details like what we are wearing or colors of clothes around us and only tend to pay attention to things like birth while dreaming.


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