A Guide to Astral Projection

Astral Projection is something that has been openly discussed and is feared and revered within the spiritual and psychic community.  How do you know if you experience this?

Astral Body

There are seven different chakras that represent the body and are connected with your central nervous system and they allow the energy to flow through your body from your head all the way to your feet.

The chakras take care of your physical body and mental body as well.  The astral body is the center part of all the emotions that you have and experience.

This astral body is made of different energies from within and from people around them.

Astral Plane

An astral plane is when there is frequency vibrations around you depending on the emotions that you have or you are around can make the frequency lower or higher.  Some religions do not believe in this, but heaven and hell are considered low vibrations.

Some believe when you die that you end up in this astral plane and this is part of your frequency.  The physical plane and the earth all have a low frequency and so when there is rebirth, sometimes suffering is part of the way Buddhists believe.

Not only are humans’ part of the astral plane, spirits are also part of it.

Astral Projections

When you practice astral projections, you need to know what you will experience.  Most people that have out of body experiences talk about astral projection.  When you enter this state, your physical body enters into the astral plane and your soul travels to a different realm.  Everyone who enters into the astral plane are asleep.

Sometimes though, people forget their dreams, so they don’t realize they have done this travel.  If you practice doing lucid dreaming, which is another form of astral projection, then you will realize that you are living and walking and doing things in your dream.

People who experience near-death experiences sometimes experience astral projection and this happens not in the conscious mind.  The experience depends on how much vibration that you have and how much practice you have done with astral projection.  You will feel different things such as moving shapes and strange sounds.

When you practice, you will be able to experience what a full out of body experience feels like and depending on how much practice you have will show you different things.  When your vibrational frequency increases, you can look around your neighborhood and transport yourself to other places and see angels and spirits.

At first, you will be an observer and one great thing is that sometimes you can find friends that have the same ideas as you and do this with them.  Not everyone you meet will believe in the same things as you and not everyone will agree with astral projection because of the dangers of doing it.


The history of astral projection goes back to the Ancient Egyptians.  They believed in the “Kha” which was dated over 5,000 years ago.  Also, in Ancient Greece, they wrote about astral projection.  Plutarch of Queroneia was around in 79 AD and he believed in out of body experiences.  When he was going to be buried, he went back to his body and changed his moral and ethics.

Astral projection is something that has been practiced in many cultures such as in Russia and in other areas.  The science called “projectology” is dedicated to studying astral projection.

To make sure that you can enter this state, you have to make sure that you are fully relaxed and that you are not emotionally drained.  You have to keep your vibrational state low and go into a half-sleep state.  Once you are there, you will be able to feel different sensations.

Make sure you understand the vibrations around you and that you are in a relaxing state in your mind and body.  This will help you to enter into astral projection and remove your soul from your body.

Focus on leaving your body one body part at a time and this can be effortless.  This has been interesting and a phenomenon since 1971 and some scientists have studied this.

When you want to know how long it takes to do astral projection, there is no true answer because everyone experiences things differently.  Some people practiced for years and others have only experienced out of body experiences with near deal experiences and other times.

You have to practice astral projection to develop it and there are some techniques that you can practice to help you with this.  It doesn’t matter how long you practice but how many times a day and that you practice each day.

Stopping Astral Projection

You can enter your own body while you are doing astral projection because your body is yours.  Pay attention to your needs, if you get scared or if you get too cold, go back into your body.

Stay relaxed while you are having an out of body experience and if you get afraid, you will be pulled back into your body.  It is easier to get back into your body than leaving it.  When you want to return, visualize your limbs moving and focus on your breathing.

Astral Projection Knowing

If you want to know if you are really experiencing astral projection and it isn’t your imagination, you can tell by if knowing that you aren’t a villain or a hero.  If you are imagining things, then you will be one of these but if you are astral projection, you are not.  If you can change shapes, you are probably in an astral projection state.  Also, if you see spirits, then you are probably also in astral projection.  During astral projection, gravity and laws don’t apply.

When you get better at it, you can become a healer.

Astral Projection and Etheric Projection

Etheric projection is different than astral projection because there is an energy layer that surrounds you.  This has a lower vibration, and this is a time when you will see spirits such as demons.

When you want to change from etheric to astral, you have to get your vibrational frequency up.

Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

During lucid dreaming, you will know that you are dreaming, and you can change scenes and wake yourself up.  You might not be able to tell how you fell asleep during this.

With astral projection, you know that your soul is leaving your body and you can see your body when your soul leaves.

The biggest difference is that when you astral project, you are traveling and when you are lucid dreaming, you lose consciousness and find yourself in dream land.

Remote Viewing and Astral Projection

With remote viewing, you can only feel that you are in a physical plane and you can’t perceive things.  When you are in an astral plane, you usually see things that you are not used to seeing or have never seen before and so it takes longer than remote viewing.


Astral projection can be fun but there are some potential dangers that you need to know.

Since everyone has an astral body, this practice can be for everyone, not just witches.  Some religions practice this and believe that it is part of the culture and that there is nothing about witches or magic.


Sometimes during astral projection, you might see demons, but they can’t harm you.  If a demon attaches to you then you will just be tired when you get back but you can top this by grounding yourself before you try to do astral projection and make sure you have good intentions.

Stay protected by doing rituals.  Call on your spirit guides to help you get higher vibrations.  If you don’t feel comfortable, go back to your body.


Some believe you can get lost in astral projection but that is not true.  Astral projection is kind of like dreaming but you are controlling your body to go other places.  This means you can always return to your body and that no one else can possess it.

You do need to be cautious like having a teacher stay by your side so that you can experience it better.  You also need to make sure that you do not get obsessed with it and that you have a good balance between the astral projection and reality.

Always surround yourself with people that are positive and will increase your vibration frequency.  A teacher needs to guide you so that you can have the best experience.


If you want to try some tips, the best is to start with a clear and positive mind.  Always focus and meditate to get your mind clear.  Don’t try to have an actively clear mind but watch what you are thinking about and focus on breathing slow.  Don’t be distracted.

Always be relaxed and have a good environment to attempt this in.  Make sure you are somewhere safe and with someone you trust by your side.  Turn off all the noise and things that can distract you because this can make you return back to your body.

If you relax then this is one of the biggest struggles.  Make sure your body and mind are relaxed and you are deep breathing, slowly.  Make sure you aren’t hungry or too tired.  Always make sure your physical needs are met.

Get into a hypnotic trance where you are almost asleep but that you are focusing on one object.  Look at it until your mind is still.  Close your eyes and picture the objects in the dark and see if light patterns form.  There are steps to get a stronger vibration period.

Imagine having a long rope and move towards it.  Don’t move your body and keep your mind opened, grab the rope and bring it back to yourself in your mind.  Keep repeating this until your entire body can do the movements.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats is a phenomenon where you can get into a deep meditative state.  You do this by relaxing and making sure you are safe and protected.  Doing binaural beats can help you get deeper in meditation.

A blue calcite stone can help you relax.  Lolita helps your mind to wonder.  Amertrine is a stone to give you strength.  Black Tourmaline protects you and labradorite will help you to experience astral projection and help your body go into the astral plane.


Try to enjoy astral projection and experience different states of being.  This can be a big role in part of your spiritual being and can teach you to be in control of your own being.


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