Seeing Your Own Aura

There are many people that can read aura’s and there are many different ways to do this.  One great way is to focus on what is happening in the background.  When you do this, you can notice the contrast of the aura in the distance, like a cloud or a fog.

This can apply to seeing aura’s, but it is harder to see your own aura.  Some people say that they can never see their own and they feel that it is impossible.  Not only is it possible though, it can be easy.  Once you learn to see your own energy, then you will learn to understand what the aura looks like and how you can increase these skills.


The first step of seeing your aura is to make sure you have a mirror and you have good light.  Tan and white work the best and make sure the lights are bright and that you are a few feet from the mirror.  Look at your body in the mirror and look at how the light is different around your body.

Watch a few inches away from your skin and see if you see a difference in the light and the gasses in the air around you.  It won’t look shiny at first, so don’t be surprised if you lose sight after a couple of seconds, you need to just refocus and take deep breaths.


After you get some practice in, you will be able to see your aura with little work.  The next step is to stand in a room by a door that leads to a dark room.  Put your hand up in front of the door and look through your fingers.  See if you can look past your hand and see the energy.

You will see that using mirrors at about five feet form yourself can help you to find your own energy. You will then learn to see your energy without much work and you will notice that you are standing in your own energy cloud.  You will notice your energy is all around the room, as well.

Make sure that you pay attention to the way that your energy is moving and the color of it.  You will see colors that are different than someone else that is looking at your energy because interpretations are always different for each person.

Feel free to make your own conclusions about your energy because it is your energy and learn to observe yourself and base your findings on your analysis.


Sarah Carson

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