Broken Hearts to Awakened Souls: A Journey

Heartbreak is horrible, crushing, and soul wrenching. It can make us feel like failures and embarrassments in life. Heartbreak from long term relationships can make it seem as if the world is coming to an end. You may start questioning the meaning of life. The good news is that even though your heart may be broken and closed off, the whole experience can take you to new levels of awakening. You can use what has le to this point, to form a deeper connection with the highest self with a greater sense of peace and find clarity. Below will help you get started.


There comes a point when we must go from broken and lost to being someone who can assess the wreckage and damage. Take a tough look at what you miss, what was lost, and what dreams have ha to change. Before we can rebuild, we must know where we are. Acknowledge the loss in all areas as a starting point to learning about yourself.


When something like your heart is shattered, it is a perfect time for light to flood in. Take time to love yourself and care for yourself so you can open up for others to love you as well. Let the shattered pieces be bathed in light and life. It is already inside you; you have just been shutting it out from fear and loneliness. Get out into the world and exercise, enjoy a day, and pamper yourself. Learn that you are enough without someone else and start to heal.

Let Go of Ego

Egos hate being hurt. Take note of how your bruised ego is controlling your life. While you should show your own self some compassion, doing good for others can also help you heal an avoid being overly selfish. Treat yourself well and then let that goodness spread into the world.

Soothe Your Soul

Your soul is a guide that is often ignore in a relationship. We must love ourselves before we can truly love another because only then can we show compassion and understanding. The soul holds our highest selves and abundant love, so we need to find ourselves in the brokenness and let this come out. Take time to meditate and sit quietly as you find your soul and connect on deeper levels. This sacred space will be your guide.

Let the Soul Guide

The soul you have tapped into offers internal power. Listen to what it tells you through those internal whispers we usually ignore. Acknowledge the guidance and it will gain strength. You can even pledge allegiance to this inner, soul-centered awareness and peace as it guides you into healing and peace. If you had not had your heart shattered, you would have never truly gotten to know your own soul.


Sarah Carson

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