Twin Flame and False Twin Flames

Twin flames are people that come into our lives that are the other part of our soul.  Each half will have part of the soul and when they come together, they become one.  They are brought together to learn a lesson and to fulfill their purpose and life.  Having a twin flame is powerful and is different than any other type of relationship.

If you believe in a twin flame or you don’t, it is important that you know the difference between a twin flame and a false twin flame.

Sometimes people get confused on these and they fall into the path of abuse and mistreatment.  They think that when they meet someone that he or she is their twin flame when really, this cannot be so.  A twin flame will never guilt you or bring you down but will stay in the relationship and make you stronger and better.

Here are some differences between a real twin flame and a false twin flame:

Perfect Match

Your twin flame will be your perfect match and will match even what destiny you have on your life.  If a false twin flame comes, they will appear perfect at the beginning but then they will become who they really are.

Twin flames are the mirror to your soul, and you will know each other spiritually and physically.  There will be no hiding a true twin flame because they are your other half.  You have known them and waited for them your whole life and feel like you knew each other from day one.  You will say what the other is thinking and always know what they are feeling.

You probably crossed paths with your twin flame in a shocking way and this means that you could have been at some strange place at the same time and that is how you met, or maybe you didn’t meet and you just passed each other or lived in the same building.

If you have a false twin flame, a narcissist or someone that cannot be trusted, they will try to pretend to know you and to have the same ideas and values that you have.  They will fake their love and will not be genuine with you.  They will say they are your soulmate and will want to stay in a relationship with you to help themselves.


Your real twin flame will help you to be healthy and your false twin flame will destroy you.

When you have a twin flame, they make you feel safe and welcome They allow you to have emotions and love you through them.  When you are with a false twin flame, you will be afraid to talk to them and will feel that you are not growing with them.

Sometimes in your journey, it seems that a twin flame will have a large ego.  This can happen if the twin flame had some type of trauma in their life and they are put with you so that you can heal each other.  A twin flame will never mean to hurt you while a false twin flame will cause pain in your life on purpose.  They will cause you to feel provoked in all that you do.  They will not care if you have needs and will only care for themselves.

Having a real twin flame means that you will be loved and challenged.  You will want them to be around you and when they come, you will feel like your person came home.

Chaser and Runner

In most twin flame relationships, there is a chaser and a runner.  This happens because the twin flames are not both on the same level and one of them needs the chance to grow.

With a false twin flame, you are always chasing them, and you cannot catch them because they are not really meant to be with you.

When you have to have a chaser and runner situation, you will experience an intense time that will be hard.  You will run after them and chase them until they come back.  Before they come back though, they will cause you pain and heartache.

With your false twin flame, you will be weak against them and you will never reach them.  They will always be toxic in your life and will cause you to have no hope.  They will leave you feeling sad and empty.


The purpose of your twin flame is to help you grow and reach unconditional love.  They will be strong while you are weak, and they will be happy while you are sad.  They will be there to help you through all of your pains and emotions.

In order to get your dreams and to reach your twin flame, you have to learn life lessons.  With your false twin flame, no matter what you learn, you will never get them because they will wound you and you will never heal  When you try to hang on to them after the relationship ends, you will become depressed and wounded.

A true twin flame will always make you feel that things are good in the world.  They will be there for you and will help you through everything in your life.  You will do more together than you ever imagined.


A true twin flame will bring destiny to your life.  They will be with you and will be romantic and in love with you.  You will form a strong bond and be in union with one another.  You will love them unconditionally and they will love you the same.  You will not have to put in effort to make the relationship work because it is your destiny.

A false twin flame will be impossible to make happy.  They will have heavy demands and will always want to be loved without wanting to love someone back.  They will treat you poorly and expect you to accept it and to love them regardless.  They way that you feel around them will be sadness and anger.

A real twin flame will love you throughout your life and will show you worth.  They will encourage you and want you to be the best you that you can be.

Encourage yourself to find this kind of love and never settle for anything less than a true twin flame.

Sarah Carson

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