How to Work Through Your Spiritual Awakening

Going through a spiritual awakening can be a strange but amazing thing. It is something that might happen fast, but it will leave a lasting impact on you for the rest of your life. An awakening can make you wonder how life used to be and how you ever lived without it in the past.

As far as you can remember, you have strengths and weaknesses that have helped to shape who you are. Maybe you were strong, and you were able to do things without letting life get you down. Maybe you were someone that had strong feelings and you would get things done but you would struggle along the course.

When you find your awakening, you will find that your world will change. Things will change and never be the same and you can become more confident and find out that you do not have to live in your emotions or feel insecure. You may realize that you are different than who you used to be and even your thoughts and beliefs might change.

Chances are that if you are older and you go through you awakening that you might believe that you are going through some kind of mid-life situation. You might think that you have hope in your life but that you have a hard time embracing it or even knowing what you want.

When you go through your awakening, it isn’t something that only happens once, it is something that happens and keeps happening every day. It is a situation that you do not just have and then it ends but it lasts forever. It allows you to discover who you are and what you really want in your life.

What is an Awakening?

An awakening is something that allows you to be aware of who you are in the spirit world. It helps you to think outside of the box and to change the way that you think and the things that you believe. It helps you to get over loss and helps you to figure out what life has to offer you.

An awakening can cause you to feel overwhelmed and it can cause you to have a shift in all aspects of your life, including your relationships. Maybe people that used to be your friends no longer seem to fit in your life. It can be a freedom that you experience that comes slow at first and then it becomes faster and stronger.

Some things can trigger your awakening such as the death of a loved one or a sickness and you may never know what causes the shift in your life. What you will know is that the things that you believe suddenly seem to change and your thoughts and feelings keep making you realize that you are not even sure of who you are or what you want.

You might get a feeling that you are changing and becoming emotional or that you are not even sure what kind of purpose you have in your life.

You might begin to ask questions and be looking for new answers and find that you are experiencing new things and new feelings. It can be hard and frustrating, and it can make you no longer know who you are.

Not everyone will have a hard time facing their awakening. Some people experience the awakening, and it can help them to heal their heart and allow them to seek the truth. The gifts that the universe gives you will allow you to discover yourself and allow you to change and to transition your life for the better.

There are different stages that people go through when they go through their awakening and here are the stages:

Stage 1

The first stage is a stage where you learn to forgive others, including yourself and where you set intentions on what you want in life. You might think that you were meant to be someone but now you have found that you no longer want to be that person.

You might figure out that you have a lot of emotions that you need to work through, and you may feel guilty for your past actions. If you are suffering and struggling, your feelings can be opening up so that you can find your new way.

Learn to figure out who you are and what is truthful for you. Set your intentions and ask the universe questions. Ask the universe to show you what your journey is supposed to look like.

Ask the universe who you are and what your spiritual being is like. Reach to deepen your life and your thoughts. Do not let distractions hold you back.

Stage 2

In this stage, you learn to surrender your old life and to find a new view. You see that there are new possibilities in your life and that you have opportunities to better who you are. This is a time where you stop being lazy and where you create newness in your life.

Make vision boards or write lists of what you want and what you have to give up reaching your awakening.

As you see hard things in your life, accept that these are opportunities for you to better your life and your journey. What is the best way that you can reach your higher self?

Stage 3

Stage 3 is a time where you allow yourself to reach your higher being. You figure out what your spirit man wants, and you let your life unfold.

You let go of what you think life should be and you allow life to come to you. You look at the universe different and you figure out what is possible in your life.

This is a time where you are grateful for everything that happens and a time where you learn to know what you want and what you need. You look for miracles in your life and you know you have a real purpose.

Stage 4

In the last stage, you have reached your enlightenment. This is where you believe that you become one with the universe and where your life changes.

You let go of any judgements that you have, and you allow your journey to show you who you are. You find peace and unity inside of yourself and you shift your mindset to positivity.

This is a time where you let go of fear and you no longer allow annoyance or anger to take hold of you. You learn to see life as an opportunity and you see that the universe has given you a gift.

Look at your life and see how things have changed. Allow the pain that you experienced to be let go. Lay it down and allow the power of the universe to show you who you really are and who you are meant to be.

Sarah Carson

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