Soulmate Connection: Blessing and Curse

Many times, soul connections are both a blessing and a curse. If you happen to be in a soulmate relationship, it can be almost impossible to get the soulmate out of your every thought. Then, some days, your soulmate could be the furthest thing from your mind, then out of the blue, your thoughts are inundated again. The thoughts may even flood in when you are doing your best to focus on anything other than your soulmate. Those who can share in this experience will agree that it is both blessing and curse.

Empathic Connections

Empathy is the ability to experience and share thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that belong to another. An empathic soulmate connection varies greatly from a spiritual soulmate connection. Empathic connections are based on feelings. When dealing with this type of connection, some may feel they are going crazy. You may feel totally out of control because of the strength of the feelings and emotions felt toward your soulmate. This is all part of the empathic soulmate connection. It simply comes with the territory. For example, you could be having a wonderful day where everything is falling into place and then you suddenly start sobbing for no apparent reason. You may even feel depressed or sad at the time without being able to pin it to a specific cause. There may be no logical reason for the sudden change in your emotions, but you have one, your soulmate.

When you have an empathic connection to a soulmate, you pick up on their feelings even when they are not near you and you cannot see them. These emotions can arise seemingly out of nowhere and hit you with unexpected strength. This is your connected way of reading their emotions, but instead of facial expressions, you feel them deeply. If the soulmate relationship is on the right path, this can be amazing because you automatically know how they feel. You can sense a mood and emotional state without a word. This allows you to offer support, humor, or quiet strength as needed and without being asked. You will instinctively know what is helping and what will make things worse. However, if the relationship with your soulmate is rocky, this connection can drive you insane or at least feel like that is where you are headed.

Your Emotion or Your Soulmates

If you are already a compassionate or emotional person to begin with then you likely have an empathic connection with your soulmate as well. The first thing to do is get it under control and keep it in perspective in terms of emotions. Label the emotions as yours and theirs, not all will belong to you. When a sudden flow of emotion sweeps over you, do not just let it happen. Ask yourself if the feelings make sense at the moment or if they seem to originate with someone else. Once you recognize that the emotions do not belong to you, you can manage them better. This allows you to know how your soulmate is feeling, which is informative, without letting the emotions ruin your day. Instead of the emotions working against you, you can use them in a beneficial manner. For example, if you are curious how your soulmate is handling the time away from you, the feelings you are receiving provide an answer. While this may not be the way you want to discover how your soulmate is feeling, as long as you use it just to gather information, it is not all that bad. With practice, you can share emotions as well.

When your soulmate sends you feelings you do not desire or you cannot handle in the moment, then send them back. Recognize the feelings are not your own and refuse to accept them as such. Take part in an internal dialogue in which you send them back to your soulmate and then release them. If your soulmate is resisting the connection that exists, do not react at all to emotions sent to them. Do not use these signals as an excuse to make contact if it is unwanted. Consider the break a gift from the universe. The powers that be are showing you what your soulmate is doing, so you must accept it as just that. Your soulmate needs to learn they have the strength to stop feeling so down if they do the right thing.

An empathic soulmate connection is a deep level of bonding for soulmates. There are both good and bad aspects, like every connection. Once you and your soulmate are on the same track then this connection will be a true gift.

Sarah Carson

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