How to Become a Better Empath

Being an empath is not always easy and when you are gifted in this, it can cause you to have feelings that you don’t understand. These feelings do not just belong to you, but you have the ability to pick up the feelings of those around you as well. When this happens, you have to learn to discern if the feelings are yours or if you are picking up the emotions of other people.

Misinterpreting your emotions can cause you to feel uncomfortable. You might find that you are stressed or feeling bad. You have to learn to be strong in your emotions and to keep your emotions in check.

Just because you have strong emotions doesn’t make you an empath but when you are an empath, you have to learn to understand your feelings and to learn to reflect on what is going on inside of your emotions.

Maybe you find that when you are with people for a while that you feel depressed or sad and you aren’t sure where these feelings came from. This could be feelings that come because you are around someone that is sad or depressed and you are picking up their emotions.

Understanding your feelings is important so that you can learn to be in control of what is going on inside of you without being overwhelmed.


Empaths have to learn to understand their feelings. An empath will carry the emotions of the world and they have to learn to not get burnt out or to get depressed.

The problems that people have will become your problems and you have to learn to not allow it to get you down.

Think of your own needs first and always focus on yourself before you focus on others. Never forget that you have needs too.

You need to tell people what you need, and you need to make sure that you are setting boundaries for all the relationships in your life. Do not let the problems of others cause you to be overwhelmed and cause you to miss out on what will help you to be healthy.

Help yourself to not be bitter or angry and learn to build your self-esteem and keep yourself healthy and strong. Do things that make you feel good inside.

Let Go

Get rid of people in your life that are toxic or that are always bringing you down. Do not let people take advantage of your kindness. You have to learn to cope with the idea of picking up other peoples feelings and not let yourself get hurt.

You are allowed to stay around who you want to be with but if they are always causing you to feel negative, it might be a sign to let them go.

Be creative and know how to handle things in a healthy way. Stay around people that make you feel good and if you have to help someone that is lonely or sad, do not let it bring down your emotions.

Learn to separate yourself from the feelings of others and let go of people that do not help to make your life better.

Do not take on more things than you can handle and when you need to take a break, do it.


Empaths know that they are good and helpful, but they are often full of problems because of this. Life is not always easy and not every person that you meet will be there for you.

Empaths often believe that if they do good that others will do good for them, but this is not always true. Sometimes it will cost the empath their own mental goodness and health because they are always helping others and not themselves.

Everyone has a shadow and a personality, and you have to be aware of what is going on and not take on destructive actions. Do not go into toxic relationships or use drugs or alcohol to help you to cope with feelings.

Being nice is one thing but if you have to hurt others to get them out of your life so that you are not going downhill, do it.

Realize that not all people are there to help you and not everyone is kind and caring. Some people are psychopaths, and they are there to prey on your energy.

You have to know that you are good and that you are kind but that you do not have to let people hurt you in order to live a good life. Life should not be full of victimizing and hurt.

Learn to develop who you are and reach your highest self so that you can deal with things. Do not consider yourself selfish if you take care of yourself. Learn to be creative with your healing practices and to have realistic expectations of others.

Sarah Carson

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