How to Know that Your Angels or Spirit Guides are Contacting You

There are always angels that are there by you. Angels are there to help you to have love and light and to serve you. They are beings that have more love than people can understand.

Angels are spirit guides that are there to guide you and they are there to help you make good decisions.


Your guardian angels are there to help you to make good choices, but they will never be rude and pushy. They will only come to you to help you if you ask them. The world is full of free will and they will never try to change you from making free will choices.

If you are about to face something hard in your life, your guardian angels can come to you and help you. The angels are spirit guides that love you.

Since you have free will, you have to ask your angels to guide you and to help you. When you ask them, they will help you each time.

The guardian angel will respond to you when your soul intention is right. They want you to have good in your life and they want to help you to make good decisions. Your guide will not help you to win the lottery but will only help you when your soul intention is right.

Communicating with You

It is easy for you to know when your angel guide is with you. When you ask for help, they will come to guide you. You might want to hear them talk to you but most of the time people just get messages.

If you are a clairsentient, you may hear them or you may feel a gut feeling because this is your intuition.

Angels and guides have different ways that they guide you so pay attention to the different signs and symbols that you get. If you hear something from a guide or angel, take it seriously.

You need to trust that your angels and guides are always there to work for you and to make your life better. It is easy for them to guide you when you are talking to them and when you tell them what you want and need.

The hardest part is to get you to listen and pay attention to them. Sometimes your guides will work on divine timing. You might need help, but it isn’t the time for them to send you a message. When the time is right, they will.


We all have intuition, and you can use this to help you know when your guides are sending you a message. Pay attention to things that repeat and to the different kinds of messages that you get.

This can come in the form of a song, something you read on a billboard or a conversation that is happening around you.

When you ask your guides for help, they will come serval times to help you and to show you the way.

Even if you do not hear your guides right away, they will send you a sign. Pay attention to the different signs. Maybe you see repeating numbers or the same number on your clock and a license plate. Some angel numbers such as 1111 will come to you when your angels are sending you a message. Listen to your intuition.

Connection with Guides

Your intuition is the main way that you can connect with your angels and guides. Your intuition allows you to hear from them and to send them messages.

Sometimes your guides will talk to you more, but you often miss their signs. When you have the ability to know when they are sending you messages, you will see them more.

You can make your intuition stronger by meditating each day. This can quiet your mind and open it up to get messages from them.

Inner Knowing

It is not likely that you will ever see your guides physically, but you will feel them when they are around. If something doesn’t feel right, it is your guide telling you to make a better choice.

Understanding Their Messages

Your guides will help you to understand their message, even if you don’t right away. They will keep giving you new signs until you know what they want from you.

Sometimes you might not know right away what they are saying but if you keep listening, you will be able to get guidance from them. Keep meditating and keep quieting your mind. Trust yourself and your gut feelings that you are getting messages from them.

Sarah Carson

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