Signs You Are a Shaman

Many people have grown up in the Western culture and they are or know someone that is a Shaman. Many of these people do not even know or understand what being a Shaman is or that they are one.

If you were not born in this kind of culture by the time you were 30 then you are not a Shaman, but you might be a healer or a lightworker. There are different gifts that you can have that are not Shaman work. There are some people that have healing gifts that are Shaman’s in hiding.

Shamans are people that work between the physical and the spiritual world. They travel through different realms of life to help find light and to get rid of darkness. If you have ever needed someone to show you the light, sometimes a Shaman will come to you and will expand your conscious thinking.

They will be able to communicate with you even if they are not by you. They are part of the earth, but they have spiritual wisdom beyond the world. They also have divine love, and they know that things are not always just black and white, but people have different views of things.

Signs That You Might be a Shaman

Here are some ways that you might know if you are a Shaman in hiding:

  • You are someone that has a hard time dealing with other people. You might be someone that feels insecure around other people.
  • You love nature. If you are someone that has a strong connection with nature, you might see the world differently than other people. You might love the moon and stars and other things and spend much time in nature.
  • People that are Shamans are often very sensitive. They can experience overload and need to take breaks alone in life so that they can calm down. This can happen when they watch movies that are upsetting or if they watch the news. Some people will use addictive behaviors to hide their sensitivities.
  • Hard childhood. If you have had a hard childhood, you might have gone through that to prepare you as a Shaman. Chances are you dealt with people that had no love or caring and you become compassionate and kind.
  • Finding something more. If you are searching for something different in your life and you want to have a purpose, you might be a Shaman. This can be something that you experience each and every day.
  • You love to serve others and you believe in humanity. You want to give to others and people come to you to ask for advice and answers. You are selfless and you give to others.
  • People that are Shamans often have vivid dreams. This is a time where the spirit world is trying to connect with you. This gives you the ability to know new things and to make a bridge between here and there.
  • Spiritual gifts. You have spiritual gifts that are always giving you more power. You worry about these things, but you know that you have healing energy. You seem to know things without someone telling you and you are able to get in touch with deep things.
  • Physical sicknesses. Chances are that if you are a Shaman that you might have physical sicknesses or diseases. You might have trauma in your life, or you might find that your path is hard.
  • When you realize that you have always felt different, this can be because you are a Shaman. This can mean that no one ever seems to get you and that you sometimes feel alone.

Is that You?

If you have any of these things happening to you, chances are that you are a Shaman. You need to embrace this power and gift and learn to have a life of joy and happiness.

You will go out into your power and you will touch others. You will do things to make people feel good and to help them to find the light. The world needs you and your powers.

Sarah Carson

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