Are You an Earth Angel? How to Know

Do you ever have a story where you shouldn’t probably be alive, but something happened that allowed you to live through something that should have been a tragic event?

If this has happened to you, you know that you were probably shaken and upset and maybe you even wondered what just happened.

Being in shock when something like that happens is no surprise and it is a time where you can reflect on what happened and realize that you probably were protected by an angel or an earth angel.

Earth angels are everywhere you are, and they are there to help to guide people and to help them to live the best they can live.

Earth angels are spirit guides that are being trained by being sent back to earth to help people heal.

Sometimes an earth angel can know they are different based on the different spiritual jobs that they need to do and the people that they take care of on the Earth.

Signs of Being an Earth Angel

There are different things that you might experience if you are an Earth Angel such as:

  • You go through your awakening at an early age.
  • You love nature.
  • You love mystical creatures.
  • You believe in life and what life has for you.
  • You are wise and seem older than you are.
  • You carry strong energy.
  • Strangers will come to you to tell you their problems.
  • People want you to help them.
  • You never feel called to just one thing, but you always have a purpose for many things.
  • You are always struggling with boundaries and other things.
  • You have a strong personality.
  • You are afraid to dig deep into who you are.
  • Relationships are hard for you.
  • You often have to deal with emotional stress.
  • Toxic relationships follow you.
  • You might not want to have children.
  • Getting married is not your priority.
  • You want to align with society, but you feel empty when you do.
  • You have strong intuition.
  • Being connected to your spirit guides is important to you.
  • You are protective over children and nature.
  • You have deep emotions, and they can be both positive and negative.
  • Being spacey is not abnormal for you.
  • You understand how the universe works.
  • Your life has changes but you embrace the change.
  • You float from one dream to another.
  • You are not stable, but you always have what you need.
  • You want to go home.

Everyone is there to help others and to reach a higher state of consciousness. No matter what happens you, you want to help others and you believe in love and peace.

If you want to know if you are an Earth Angel, ask your guides to give you a sign to confirm who you are.

Sarah Carson

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