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Are you someone that does witchcraft, and you feel that it isn’t good because it isn’t traditional like others are? Or do you feel that you need to have a witch in your family in order to pick up their crafting skills? Some people that are witches get these ideas and even though there are traditional witches, there are also modern witches that can use both kinds of crafting.

People often think that they are better than others and even though history and traditions are good ideas, you can get caught up in the idea that something that is older means that it is better. Really though, if the magic is working rather traditional or modern, that is what matters.

Both traditional and modern witchcraft are both used and there are values in both of them and you can incorporate them in your own practices.

Traditional Versus Modern

Traditional witchcraft is not better than modern witchcraft but many people that are witches will say that traditional is better because it has been around for so many years. Whatever you can do that will show results is the kind that you need to use.

The problem with the terms traditional and modern is that this is a vague category, and no one actually has a real definition of either. The different terms just show how you have been using your practices and they show that something is from the past or something is from the present. People that use newer witchcraft often use different additions to their magic and this is considered modern and those that use older witchcraft is considered traditional. Before people had their hands on technology like they do now, everyone just about used different things such as crystals, animal, and plants because they were what was available. People now use things such as computers and smartphones to get their magic. This is something that people in the past never expected could happen.

Traditional witchcraft can mean something different depending on where you live. The different places that people live can determine what modern and traditional witchcraft means to them. People in the United States believe that traditional witchcraft is different than people in different countries think, also even within the United States, people look at traditional witchcraft as something different. There are different kinds of magic that change how someone practices and what is considered traditional and what is considered modern.

People that look for traditional magic often believe it is better than modern magic but there is no real thing that is better than the other. Whatever is going to work and whatever you believe in is what you should worry about and not about which is better.

Why People Choose Traditional Witchcraft

People often choose traditional witchcraft because they feel that they are being fake when they use something new. They want to find out what was taught to them and their ancestors or what people in the past saw as a spiritual level and they want to have that for themselves. Many people will spend their journey looking into witchcraft and wondering if it is even real. Some will believe that this is all part of an imagination, and it causes people to have to really take a step back.

Traditional witchcraft will represent people using things inside such as their intuition and using the spiritual guidance to show them what to do. They can go to their community and to those that have the same traditions, and they will feel better because history is part of the crafting. This makes people feel that they have become part of something that was created for them. Traditional witchcraft is not something that is bad, but it doesn’t matter if you use traditional or modern but what matters is how it resonates with you and how it works. You do not need to be validated to be a part of magic.

Why do you feel that you are doing real magic when the people before you did it different? You have to stop thinking on what you have been taught and learn to rely more on your intuition. There are different thinking and different ideas that have been taught to you along the way and you have to figure out who you are and stop trying to get all of your information outside of your being.

Of course, looking at other sources is a good idea but when you want to find the truth, you look at your inner self and you find out which powers work for you and what your journey entails.

You Find It!

You should never limit yourself to one thing. If you do traditional witchcraft, try modern to see what it does for you. See if there is anything that you are letting you block or hold you back from reaching your full capacity. Traditional and modern witchcraft can be helpful and with the technology that is at your fingertips, you can find out almost anything you want to know.

It is up to you as to what kind of magic that you use but when you put the two kinds together, it can be something that you make on your own.

Blending Modern and Traditional Crafting

How can you blend the modern and traditional crafting and make it where it can help you in your life?

Research Materials

You can find things on traditional and modern witchcraft if you just go and look things up. Find things that you can read and find things through your own heritage to learn more. Go out in nature and find out what the stones, plants, trees, and other things tell you in your spirit.

You can go out and talk to the animals and the insects and you can let your environment take you places that you may have never been before. Look at the different materials that you can incorporate in your crafting.

If you live in the United States, you can go to different places of magic and you can find out what you can learn. Find out different cultures and their magic and crafting skills. Use the resources that are available to you and use them in a free way to learn.

There are different traditions that you can find in the United States that you should look at and not be afraid of. Look at the Appalachians and the Northeast traditions. Look at the Pacific Coast and the places all around you. You may even find magic things in your own city.

Traditional magic is something that is often connected to the land that people live in. This can help you to connect with nature and with things around your life. You can use these things as materials in your crafting and it can help you with your magic.

Modern Ideas

Then, you can start looking at more modern ideas. You can find out what kind of techniques that you can use that are modern that will work with your magic. Find things on the computer or look at vision boards or spells that are online. These are ideas you can add to your crafting that you may never have thought about.

Modern people are living in the now and there is no reason for you to always seek the past when you can live in the present. You can find new ideas and practices that are available to you right at your home and you can use those resources to learn more. Do not let people tell you that you should not use a computer to learn because a computer will use the same kind of energy that other things in the world use.

You do not have to give up on things that are traditional in your magic, but you can figure out what fits with you and what makes you happy. What in the modern world has affected you and has peaked your interest? You can feel a connection to both traditional and modern ways and you can learn from them.

What Did Traditional Magic Look Like?

Look at things in your own area and find out what traditional magic looked like from where you live. Find out more about things in your area such as special animals or plants. Find out how people used them in their culture to make things and see what the area has to show you.

Look at different kinds of magic that is connected to the world around you. Find out about things like graveyard or Hoodoo magic and about the Appalachian Granny witches who would use things such as water and alcohol to cast magic spells. Find out about traditional witches and witches from New England. Familiarize yourself with things that you never knew.

There are different practices and things that people used all over the world that are going to be different than how you do things. Embrace these things and learn from them. This might help you to find practices that can help you to craft even better than you ever could.

Combining both traditional and modern magic can help you and you can use things in the world that can help you choose what you want to do. You can pick both traditional and modern things and you can find different forms and create magic that is special to you. You should never have to do magic in a box, but you should be able to look for new ways and new things that make it an individualized thing for yourself. Stay in tuned with what you need and what you feel and let the magic make your life better. Whatever magic you use should be valid to you. Do not let the idea of knowing a certain kind of magic hold you back from developing who you are.

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