Selenite and Why Does it Benefit You?

There are so many benefits of using crystals and one of the best ones that you can use is Selenite. This is a crystal that comes from the earth.

This stone comes in different forms and can be used as a wand or as a crystal and is an amazing crystal to add to your collection.

Selenite is a great stone if you want to talk to your angel guides and be able to connect with your spirit guides easier. You can enjoy this crystal because it can boost your moods and it can help with healing that is needed.

Benefits of Selenite

One of the best benefits of this stone is that it can help you to clear your energy of negativity. Use this when you are journaling so that you can keep your intentions strong.

Angel Stone

This is a stone that you can use when you are meditating, and it can help you to reach out to your energies.

When you have a lot of light in your area, your energy will be higher and so will your vibrations. This matches the vibrations of the angels and makes it easier to reach them.

Crown Chakra

Selenite is a great stone if you have imbalances in your crown chakra. This stone will help you energy to flow and will get rid of blockages.


This is a great grounding stone that will help you to be strong and free. This is a free moving chemical stone and has salts and other things that can get rid of negative energy out of your aura.

Raises Vibrational Frequency

The Selenite is a great stone if you want to get rid of negativity and raise your vibrations. It helps to improve your mood and can help your space to be more inviting.

Reaching Your Higher Self

This stone is often found in volcanic areas or around the ocean. This means that it has energy from those sources.

When you are close to the earth elements, you can increase your higher energy and reach your higher self.


This not only is a stone that can help to heal and boost your mood, but this is also a pretty stone to look at. It will reflect the light and can make you feel joy and peace.

This stone is an all-purpose crystal and will help you to think about your life and to feel better about who you are.

Using Selenite

You can use this stone when you are meditating or when you are using stuff to clear your space. You can put it by sage that is burning or use it as a selenite wand.

You can place this under your pillow to help you have good dreams.

Selenite Tower

A selenite tower can be put by your bed to help you have good dreams and to give you strong communication with your angels.

You can put this in a space where you lack creativity and reach your highest good.

Selenite Point

You can use this stone to clear your chakras and to keep them strong. You can use a Selenite Point by holding it and moving it in a counterclockwise motion. This will cleanse your root chakra and your crown chakra and get rid of negative energy.

Charging Selenite

After you use your Selenite, you want to charge it, especially if it begins to seem dull. The stone will absorb the energies and if it is full of negative energy, it will not work as well.

Make sure that your Selenite is working properly by charging it. You can put this in the moon to absorb the energy or you can put it out when it is a New Moon so that it can become fresh.

This is a crystal that should not be used in water because it can cause it to become soft.


Selenite is a great crystal that you can use for different things such as calling on your angels, increasing your energy and getting rid of negative energy in your life.

You can use this while you meditate or put it under your pillow or by your bed.

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