Opening the Third Eye

The third eye is symbolic of a higher state of consciousness in Hinduism. Through the third eye you are believed to be able to perceive the world. Through the use of traditional meditation techniques, you can open this chakra and gain an enlightened understanding of the universe. This article will explore how to meditate, how to become more mindful, and how you can benefit from an open third eye.

Learning to Meditate

Learning to meditate is simple if you are willing to take the time and make a bit of effort. The few simple steps below will help you get started.

  • Locate Your Third Eye Chakra – Chakras are energy centers that align along your spine. There are seven chakras that each correspond to a different aspect of your mental, physical, or spiritual wellbeing. The third eye is actually the sixth chakra located at the forefront of your brain, between your eyes, and above the bridge of your nose. When meditating, try to focus on this chakra because it can help you see the world much more clearly.
  • Choose the Right Surroundings – Meditation is helpful for opening the third eye and bringing more awareness to your thoughts. This will allow you to better access the mental clarity associated with the third eye. The goal of meditation is to bring the mind to rest on a single thought or object so choose surroundings where you will not be interrupted and feel comfortable. This is especially important when first starting to meditate. Some people find the outdoors best, but choose a quiet space that works for you. Meditation is very personal, so choose what fits your needs.
  • Prepare Your Posture – The mind-body connection is highly important, especially in meditation. The more comfortable you can be physically; the easier meditation will be as you try to stay singularly focused. The most effective meditation posture is believed to be some form of sitting cross-legged on the ground. This can take time to get comfortable, so practice and if needed use a cushion or several. If getting comfortable sitting in this position is not possible, try walking meditation.
  • Choose a Meditation Object – A meditation object can be a physical object or a simple thought. The point of choosing one is to help you be singularly focused. This keeps your thoughts from wandering and make meditation much more effective. Candles are a popular choice, however, the physical item does not have to be near, it can be pictured in your mind.
  • Pick a Mantra – A mantra is simply a meaningful word or phrase that will be repeated as you meditate. You can say this aloud or in your mind.
  • Routine – Meditation is a practice which means that your first time may not go well, but over time you will improve in focus and even length of time you can meditate. Make meditation part of your daily routine, starting with small increments and building the time spent meditating.

Becoming More Mindful

Being mindful pairs well with meditation and one practice can build the other. Below are a few steps to take to become more mindful.

  • Learn About Mindfulness – Being mindful simply means you are actively aware of what is happening around you. This is paying attention to your physical and emotional sensations. Being more mindful will allow you to be more attuned with both yourself and the world. As you become more observant, avoid passing judgment and just observe.
  • Go Outside – Spend time in nature to help build mindfulness. Being more mindful can help open the third eye because you are more aware of it. Try a short walk outdoors each day, free of electronic communications to simply reconnect with the self.
  • Be Creative – Being mindful can bring out your creative side. Mindful meditation is a wonderful cure for writer’s block and other forms of artistic block as your creative pathways open. Let your creativity flow as it will help your third eye open.
  • Focus on Small Things – The daily routines of life can feel overwhelming and hectic. Being more mindful can help you stay calmer and able to utilize your third eye. Pat attention to your routine and surroundings, taking note of even the small things.

Benefiting From the Third Eye

Opening the third eye has many benefits. One benefit is that of feeling more peace and the benefits associated with being more peaceful. The third eye opening can also help you be more knowledgeable as your perception of the world increases. People who have an open third eye feel they have more wisdom. Finally, an open third eye can improve your physical health as stress is reduced and this is positive for your physical body.

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