Seven Spiritual Laws

If you are talking about having a partner, or a lover or a friend or even a family member, this is all a part of the spiritual world of relationships.

Each person is in our lives to change us and to help us to reach our soul agreement that will change the way that we are and the way that we think.

When we have people in our lives that cause us to be angry or pushes our buttons, they are there to help you learn to have boundaries and to be loving no matter what.  There are spiritual lessons that can be taught by each person that comes into our lives.


Each person is connected to you in one way or another and there are some bonds that are greater and will influence us more.  These influences can be very strong in our life.


There is no one way that a relationship works, and everyone is unique and each of our journeys are different.  We know what kind of relationship that we are seeking but we cannot assume that it will go that way and that things will be the way that we expected them to be.


Our relationships will mirror what is going on around us and will help us to attract others.


We look for people to fill in what we are missing in our lives and we have to learn to have equal relationships with people.  When we fall in love, it can be a big spiritual step that can change our lives.

Love by Giving Love

When you want to love someone, you have to love them in order to feel love.  There are some people that never feel love because they choose not to give it away.  When you go through this world, you have to have a feeling to reach for love and you have to share it.


The way that we show our lives is how we manage our psychic energies.  Our psychic energies can help us to love each other and help us to see who we are.

Sometimes we allow our psychic gifts to help us to do things, but we do not take the lessons that come with the powers seriously and we allow them to hurt us or to cause us bad feelings.

These bad feelings can cause us to have draining powers and these can affect our relationships and cause us to worry about what people are saying or worry about what people think of us.

We have to learn to love who we are and to make sure that we do not worry about what other people think about us but that we worry about what we think about ourselves and we reach out to our spirit guides to tell us who we are and what we should be.

We have to learn to use our energies and our psychic powers wisely and as we do that, we will learn to grow.  As we grow, we will be better people and we will learn to manage our own selves and our relationships better.


Sarah Carson

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